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You need to send cargo to India and find customs clearance is pretty hard. Having fragile things and other valuable things and needing to send them safely, obviously, the role of cargo agents makes it amazing. Customs clearance is a process that involves documentation and procedures relating to the export and import of goods and services to the country. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs is the main regulatory authority relating to customs in India. This authority also deals with taxes. Special state metropolitan authorities are dealing with custom clearance services in India.


With the expansion of trade credit and the removal of trade barriers in India, there has been an increase in the volume of exports and imports in the country. This has resulted in the government improving the number of imports in the country through economic reforms and liberalisation, through which the demand for custom clearance services has increased as imports and exports have increased in the country.

There is a special regulation about customs clearance services in India and all documents and procedures relating to customs are covered under the provisions of the Customs Act, of 1962. Under Section 7 of the Customs Act, of 1962, the government has the power to appoint customs personnel to designated ports, airports, customs ports, and other borders. Under this act customs officers have similar jurisdictions to police departments and include confiscation and arrest of goods.

The benefits of customs clearance services include preventing the smuggling of goods, preventing money laundering, helping in maintaining the integrity of the country, checking supply, and improving foreign trade. With the help of Shipping companies in UAE, you will be finding a safe and comfortable cargo service and customs clearance. However, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade regulates the provisions relating to the export of goods and services outside India. They need to clear customs while exporting goods from India. Similarly, there are various types of custom clearance services required to comply with the provisions of the law relating to customs while importing goods to India.

A customs clearance procedure is mandatory for all products brought and transported outside the country in trade and commerce. The seller or buyer is required to submit some valid documents for the smooth functioning of the process.

Ship calling, general manifest amount, an inspection of import general manifest, custody of goods, bill of entry, distribution of goods, etc. are all specific procedures to be followed while bringing goods and products to India. The required customs duty has to be paid before the goods enter the country and only after that do the customs authorities release the goods. The IGM number is filled in during bill filling and then it is linked to the document when uploaded to the software. The importer is required to pay some duty taxes, which is called self-evaluation in this part. After the approval of the bill, the importer will have to pay GST and duties.

The documents for import to India are – the Bill of Entry, Airway Bill, Bill of Lading, Import-related License, Information on Goods, and Excise Duty. Customs declaration, commercial invoice, IEC certificate, packaging list, and shipment certificate are documents for export. The import and export of goods in and out of a country should be tailored to the customs clearance process, and to clear this process, the importer and exporter of goods must submit valid documents. Always hold the hand of the professional cargo service provider or agent for the benefits.

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