How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Normally Cost?

Solar Panel Installation

If 0.6% of America’s total land area were covered with photovoltaic solar panels, they would produce enough electricity to fulfill all of the power needs of the whole nation.

If you are ready to help be a part of the solution of securing America’s energy future, it is time to think about installing solar panels on your home or business.

But how much does solar panels Newcastle installation cost and what can you expect during your installation process? This handy guide answers these questions and more.

The Solar Panel Installation Process

The first part of the solar panel installation process is making an overall assessment of your property. This is best carried out by a professional solar installation company.

A professional solar installation company will send a representative to analyze the feasibility of installing a solar panel system on your unique property. They will assess features such as total sun coverage and topographic features.

They will also look at the structural integrity of your roof and which aspect it faces. Solar panels are best placed on south-facing aspects in the Northern Hemisphere. This aspect gets the most sunlight on average.

They may require you to get a full roof inspection and possibly a new roof if yours is in disrepair or long overdue for replacement. They will also assess your home’s total power usage and analyze hazards such as trees or power-lines.

After assessing your property the professional will determine if solar power is a feasible option for you and give you an estimate. The entire assessment and estimate process is free from many top companies.

Others may charge you a fee for the assessment but later deduct the fee from your total solar panel installation costs to entice you to choose them. Make sure to do your research when selecting a company to find their specific policy.

After the initial assessment and estimation process, the installation process will begin. The first phase of this is to clear out any trees or hazards that impede sunlight and prep your roof or chosen installation site.

Next, a professional solar company will physically install your panels. After a few tests, they will be ready to go! Finally, routine inspections will need to happen a month after your initial installation. You will also need one every year thereafter.

Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels have many benefits for the environment. These include preserving our clean air and water and lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. Did you know installing them also offers you some financial benefits?

There are many financial benefits of solar panels that can offset some of their installation costs. When figuring out the total cost of a solar installation it is important to factor in the financial benefits of going solar.

The most dramatic of these benefits is embodied by the experience of watching your power meter run backward. If your home produces more power than it uses, you can sell power back to the grid.

Sometimes this means that you get a check in the mail from the power company at the end of your billing cycle. Other times it means that you receive power credits that are redeemable from the utility company at a later date.

This is useful if you live in an area with seasonal variability and fluctuations in the amount of sunlight. If this is the case, the credits come in handy when your panels stop producing as much electricity.

You can rack up a bunch of power credits in the summer months and redeem them in the colder winter months with shorter less sunny days.

Make sure to do your research about how your specific locale handles surplus energy produced by an individual solar panel system.

Some states such as Hawaii don’t allow you to sell power back to the grid. They do however offer a one-time installation stipend to help you cope with initial installation costs.

Stipends and tax credits are two strategies that many states and the federal government use to entice you to install solar on your home or business.

Do some research to see what is available. Thousands of dollars could be knocked off the final price of your solar panel installation costs if you apply and qualify for tax credits or stipends.

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost?

According to Consumer Affairs, the average price of installation for an average-sized house in the United States is between $11,000 and $15,000. This number all depends on the type of system you select.

These prices are calculated after factoring in state and federal tax credits so the raw price before rebates, credits, and incentives can be much higher. Also, keep in mind that this figure represents an average.

There are plenty of outliers on the spectrum that are both much cheaper and much more expensive than this rough average number. Some states also offer larger incentives than others so make sure to keep this in mind as well.

There are also all different qualities and sizes of solar panel systems from a wide spectrum of different priced brands. These factors can influence the final price tag for your solar panel system including installation costs.

Finally, every house or business has different power needs. The total kilowatt-hours that you use will affect the total cost of your system and the number of panels you need.

All in all, it is best to call a professional solar panel installation company with a solid reputation and affordable prices.

Blue Raven Solar is one of these companies and you can contact them by clicking this link if you live in Charleston South Carolina:

By selecting the right solar company you will be sure to get the most competitive installation prices on the market and get a great system to boot.

Go Solar Today

Nowadays you vote with your dollars. If you believe in a clean energy future and saving the planet, it is time to cast your vote by switching to solar. An easy solar panel installation process will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Go solar today so we can pass on a greener tomorrow to future generations. For all of your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our website as well.

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