5 Signs Filing a Bike Accident Injury Claim Is Your Best Option

Bike Accident Injury Claim

Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report that roughly nine percent of moving vehicle accident fatalities in the US were bike accidents.

If you were recently injured in a bike accident, your local legal system can help you collect damages if you can prove someone else’s negligence is responsible for your accident.

Check out this handy guide on the five top signs that you should file a bike accident injury claim with your local justice system. Do some homework today so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

If you received bike accident injuries, you must act right away. Here are five instances when you should consider finding a personal accident attorney to help you file a bike accident injury claim:

1. Disagreement Over Responsibility

Some US states are considered at-fault states. This means that an accident victim hurt in these states can’t be more than 49 percent responsible for their accident if they want to collect damages.

When disagreements come up regarding who’s responsible, the claim goes to the courts. That’s where a judge or jury decides who was responsible.

Personal injury attorneys like the staff at Horton and Mendez Injury Attorneys ( are a good first step to take when you disagree with what transpired during your bike accident.

2. Life-threatening Injury That Requires Hospital Time

If life-threatening injuries result from your accident, you might incur extended hospital fees to recover from these injuries. Sometimes victims also suffer from accident symptoms that they don’t see right away.

Sometimes, scar tissue, pain, or swelling appear days after you left the hospital for your other visible injuries. These symptoms are called delayed onset injuries. You can also collect reimbursement to cover costs for these delayed injuries as well.

3. Impaired Current and Future Lifestyle

Your current and future lifestyle could be ruined if there are any ongoing side effects from your injuries. For example, you might need to retrofit your car or home to accommodate your new health condition.

You might also lose your job, which translates into lost income for you. You might need ongoing lifetime care assistance.

The cost of these services won’t be cheap. A personal injury attorney can help you secure the funds you’ll need to address these new lifestyle expenses.

4. Accident Occurs on Dangerous Road Conditions

Accidents that happen due to dangerous road conditions could involve many responsible public agencies with your accident injury claim. Personal injury attorneys can help you file an administrative claim with the appropriate county or city governmental agency.

5. Conflicting Medical or Insurance Reports

Any form of conflicting information contained in medical or insurance reports might lead to a denial of your bike accident injury claim. Your personal injury attorney can do their own investigation into your claim.

They can present your findings as well as theirs so that you can determine if these reports contain facts that conflict with your account of what happened. When these reports conflict, consider filing your accident claim right away.

File a Bike Accident Injury Claim

Do any of these examples sound like what happened to you? If they do, then you should hire a personal injury attorney immediately. They will help you navigate the court system and file your bike accident injury claim.

These professionals will also help you understand what no-fault laws apply to your state. Find one of these legal experts today to get the best outcome for your claim.

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