6 Characteristics of a Quality Car Accident Attorney

Characteristics of a Quality Car Accident Attorney

Did you know that around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year? If you were in a car accident, your initial reaction would be to receive treatment and then figure out how to pay for it.

Your best chance of receiving compensation from a car accident case is through hiring a lawyer. However, you need to hire a car accident attorney with specific characteristics.

Keep reading to learn them.

1. Professionalism

A car accident attorney should be professional enough to carry out their duties without jeopardizing your case.

Professionalism includes someone who is available to answer your questions and provide legal services that are in line with the laws. They should have knowledge of the state where your case is taking place.

An attorney with professionalism will set realistic expectations and be honest about your case. Avoid a lawyer who swears up and down that they can win your case without providing real information.

2. Legal Experience

Another important characteristic is the legal experience that a car accident lawyer brings to the case. When hiring a lawyer, consider how many years they’ve been in the business.

There are different car wreck accidents out there so you’ll need a lawyer who is familiar with your situation. For example, there are car accident lawyers who specialize in trucking wrecks and commercial vehicle accidents.

If you were involved in a hit and run, hire a lawyer who has worked on a case similar to yours.

3. Compassion

A car wreck is a traumatic experience so you’ll want a lawyer who isn’t cold towards you when talking about your case. Choose someone who is understanding, friendly, and has a welcoming personality.

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your attorney so pick a car accident lawyer who makes you feel comfortable.

4. Upfront Fees

A car accident attorney should be upfront about their fees. Most of them work on a contingency fee basis where you only pay if the lawyer wins your case.

If they don’t work on this basis, they will tell you how their fees work.

5. Integrity

There are different ways to assess whether or not an attorney is honest and dedicated to your case. During the consultation stage, ask the right questions and digest the responses you are given.

A lawyer with integrity will be open to discussing possible case outcomes even if they aren’t the best ones. Legal proceedings can be unpredictable and an attorney should be transparent about that.

6. Availability

It’s critical to hire an attorney who has time to take on your case and will be available when you need them. They might communicate via an aide or through another lawyer in the office if they happen to be unavailable.

Ensure that you know who you are working with. This includes understanding the support staff you’ll be connected to throughout the case.

Hire the Best Car Accident Attorney

To hire the best car accident attorney with the right characteristics and qualifications, you’ll need to learn about them.

Do they make you feel comfortable? Are they going to be available when you need them?

You can learn about a lawyer through the initial consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that give you the answers you need.

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