5 Popular Features in Everyone’s Dream Homes

Acquiring a dream home is one life accomplishment that tops almost everybody’s bucket list. According to a survey, 19% of the people believe that owning a home they love is one of the most important elements of the American dream. A dream home means something different for each person. While a young couple with children may consider a home near good schools, a retirement age couple would want a serene environment. Although everyone has their unique preferences, here are the key features common to every dream home.

Expansive Master Bedroom

Most people prefer to make the master bedroom the best possible version they can. One main concern while planning the master bedroom is its location. Homeowners prefer more privacy in this room.

Space is also another consideration. Little spaces could make the furniture look cramped. For a dream home, you may want to focus on the bed since this is the most prominent feature in the bedroom. You need a high-quality bed dressed appropriately. Try and brainstorm on your desired linen color to guide you in setting the theme in the bedroom. Other features in the bedroom include bedside tables to place your lamp or other items.

Every bedroom needs a cozy chair and table or an ottoman where you can enjoy reading a book or taking coffee. The seating area should be close to the window to create a beautiful spot to unwind and relax. Add a walk-in closet with a full-length mirror and a beautiful dressing table where you can display your jewelry and perfume. Another important feature people consider adding to the master bedroom is a stand-alone tub and walk-in shower.

An Outdoor Living Area

Most people choose to build or buy their dream home in a location that allows for outdoor activities. Today, most homeowners embrace outdoor living, and they invest time and money to create a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior space. You can extend your living space by adding an outdoor patio. Fill the patio with stylish outdoor furniture and decor to create a comfortable space where you can spend time with your friends and family.

An outdoor fire pit will enable you to spend time in your outdoor space all year round. You can mount a ceiling fan for added comfort if you have an enclosed outdoor space for the hotter days. For the decor, take inspiration from the flowers on your lawns to create a floral pattern. People consider using tall plants, canvas covering, or pergola to provide shade and privacy.

A Grand Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important space forever for every homeowner. This is where the entire family meets for breakfast, dinner and gathers during special occasions. It’s every homeowner’s dream to have a grand kitchen. One of the most common features that most people consider for their dream kitchen is energy-efficient appliances. People also prefer e large cooking spaces, countertops, and touch-activated taps. Your dream kitchen will also benefit from a separate pantry room where you can organize your items and leave the main space for cooking, eating, and socializing.

You may also want to consider a kitchen with but-in cabinets where you can organize your cutlery, pots, and spices. Trash and bins often take up too much kitchen floors space. Today homeowners prefer to include hidden, enclosed trash compartments for their containers. Kitchen Island is another item on the wish list when people talk about their dream homes since it provides more cabinets, a breakfast bar, and additional counter space.

Entertainment Room

Homeowners now prefer to create an entertainment area in their homes. In fact, 70% of people prefer watching movies at home rather than in a public venue. As a result, people now create a home cinema in their dream home. This room should have a big screen, speakers, a home theater sofa, and streaming devices to take your movie experience a notch higher. If your family enjoys gaming, you can add a gaming room where you can host fun nights.

A Private Swimming Pool

People who want to build luxury homes include a private swimming pool. This is the best place to relax after a busy day. As people continually appreciate the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, others would opt for a private swimming pool for some low-impact exercises. This is also a perfect spot where you can hold pool parties to celebrate special occasions. Others add extra water features to improve the aesthetic appearance of the pool. After your time in the pool, you need a comfy place to relax, so most homeowners consider adding a pool lounge with a fire pit close to the pool too.

The Bottom Line

It’s every person’s dream to give their family a luxury home with all the features that will benefit them and enhance their lifestyle. You can include whatever you want in your house, and your only limit is your budget and imagination.

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