8 Best Cities in Europe for Christmas Holidays

8 Best Cities in Europe for Christmas Holidays

8 Best Cities in Europe for Christmas Holidays


Christmas is a season that gives a different atmosphere at the end of the year. There are so many interesting things, from rum cakes, secret gifts, sparkling lights to pleasant holidays.

You and your family can perfect your vacation by going to beautiful places with your family. Reported by Times Now News, there are 8 best cities in Europe to celebrate an exciting holiday: 

1. Dresden, Germany This is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and especially offers the old-fashioned charm of Christmas, with the aroma of gingerbread, wine, and bright streets.

2. Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world at Christmas. Beautiful décor with carols and beautifully decorated canals add to the city’s appeal.

3.Rovaniemi, Lapland

Imagine a place over Christmas with snow blankets and magic lights and Christmas decorations! Whatever arises in your imagination, Rovaniemi in Lapland is ten times better than that! 4. Tallinn, Estonia Medieval Old Town protected by UNESCO has a view that you might read in a fairy tale. The city is truly beautiful, but it is during Christmas that the real grace of that place can be experienced. 

5. Prague, Czech Republic

The Gothic European fairy tale with its interesting magical architecture and structure is also a good host for Christmas. In fact, Prague is known as one of the most famous Christmas places for Europeans too.

6. Vienna, Austria

In addition to Prague, Vienna is the next best tourist destination in Europe for Christmas. Delicious food everywhere, cafe culture, old-world charm, and touristy places, Vienna has too much to offer.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital city also offers beauty and magical views during Christmas. They present street life with tasteful decorations, harmonious Christmas carols and more. The whole city exudes a friendly Christmas atmosphere that will put you in a party atmosphere.

8. London, England

If you haven’t watched The Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, you have to do it. Because this film is beautiful and too perfect to summarize the way London celebrates Christmas. With Victorian-themed architecture and musical streets singing beautiful songs, London is a delightful city to celebrate Christmas.  Experience the 25th island of Greece meme with vacation. Obviously, find the difference and try something amazing stuff out there to find the most promising vacation for Christmas.

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