Bandanas as a Fashion Accessory in 2020

What do you mean by the term accessory? Well, according to most people, accessories are something extra that is used to improve the appearance of something, such as a tortoise hair clip. These stylish hair clips not only add a touch of elegance but also help keep your hair in place. As for me, I have a totally different idea of ​​accessories. I think that accessories can not be called something more, because they are very useful and functional in some cases. Handbags and purses are considered essential accessories for women, ask a woman how important they are to her; so how can we call something as important as these, just extras.

The bandana is an accessory used by many for two decades. In the past, bandanas were used to cover the head and neck not for fashion but for protective purposes. Workers, workers, dancers, soldiers, kitchen staff, and many others used it to cover their heads and necks, to prevent hair and sweat from bothering them.

Bandanas are available in different colors, sizes and styles. When choosing your bandana, keep these things in mind if you are quality conscious:

  1. Material: Bandanas are prepared in various materials such as cotton, lawn, linen, silk, nylon and others. When buying one for yourself, make sure you choose the right one based on the weather in your city. Suppose you are going to wear it during a sports activity where there is a risk of scorching heat and bright sun, then you had better choose the one which is in light cotton; cotton will prevent the sun from directly touching your head and its ability to breathe will not cause much perspiration.
  2. Size: Take the size into account before choosing one. There are different sizes in which you can find them. Some may be too small for you, while others may be too large. So make the right choice.
  3. Machine washable: Choose those that are machine washable so that it is easy for you to wash them; because you will need to periodically wash them for perspiration and dirt.
  4. Color: for summers, opt for lighter colors while for winters opt for much darker colors. There are few bandanas available in conventional colors; most of them are printed. You can find prints of different types such as country flags, decorative, abstract, etc.

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