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How many times have you settled down on the couch with your freshly popped popcorn and cold drinks to spend thirty minutes looking for a “good-enough” movie? By the time you have found an acceptable movie to watch, your popcorn is cold, and your drinks are warm. I’m sure this feeling is only worse if you invited all of your friends over, and all of the enthusiasm from your perfectly planned get-together has deflated.

This is why you need to plan ahead of time and create a watchlist on the pirate bay. This helps you be prepared with the movies you like all the time. This is a pretty common predicament, and after five minutes of looking for something to watch, someone will Google phrases like “what should I watch on Netflix” or “best movies 2020”. Then, twenty overwhelming lists like this will pop up, you’ll decide on a random movie from a random list, and if you’re lucky, the movie will be entertaining. I promise you that you or someone that you know has gone through this before that’s why there is an overwhelming amount of lists telling you what to watch.

The team at Friendspire, an upcoming social media review app, hates this feeling and has perfected the recommendation process by recognizing your friends know you best. Personal relevance is what is lacking from the lists that you can online. Using Friendspire, you can decide on movies easier by using your friends’ reviews since you know whether your taste aligns. The website does have curated lists like “Perfect Rom Coms for a Snuggly Movie Night,” but you can see your friends’ ratings on those movies.

Now, let’s reimagine what future movie nights will look like. We just popped our popcorn, got our cold drink out of the fridge, and settled down on the couch. After scrolling through movies for five minutes, we pull up the Friendspire app on iOS or Android and see that Just Mercy has a 9.6 rating from our friends and an 8.2 overall rating on Friendspire app. We think that this movie sounds pretty good and queue up the movie with warm popcorn and cold drinks.


Imagine if we didn’t have the input from our friends, we might have put this movie in the “maybe” category in our head and browsed through more movies to watch. Alternatives to the big review sites are coming and pushing the process of recommendations in the right direction.

Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, and Goodreads were great when they began, but as those sites have grown, the sheer quantity of reviews has made finding restaurants overwhelming, and there is increasing proof that a lot of sites featured fake reviews. Apps like Friendspire are the only way to avoid these problems and find trustworthy recommendations fast. We trust our friends and family more than anyone else, so why are we still looking for recommendations from strangers?

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