How to buy a sex doll?

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Do you want to purchase new sex dolls? Nice decision! They are a huge investment in the well-being of the citizens. Life with sex dolls will provide any time of the day with compassion and sexual gratification. But what do you know about the doll you like? The industry of sex dolls is limited but grows fast and the number of choices already can be numerous. Fortunately, you found this guide, which mentions the perfect way to purchase Japanese sex dolls. Let’s go, then. Let’s start.

You should make a valid decision to purchase your own sex doll of several thousand dollars instead of wasting something that you’ll regret and cause you disappointment. We think the following points should be considered before you buy or create your own Sex Doll Torso:


The dollar price depends mostly on the size of the doll and body, such as the size of the breast or ass. Plan your budget and find the best doll according to your budget.


The Japanese sex dolls are primarily made from two kinds of materials. The first is silicone, the other is TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). Both have pros and cons, for example. Silicone is longer lasting than TPE, but TPE is a fact that attaches it to the doll for its consistency. TPE, owing to its practical sizes, is even more common than silicone, which is flexible, smooth and stressed, and looks very realistic.

Silicone can be heated for a longer cycle so that advanced heating systems can be included. Silicone is an unporous substance that can be washed more quickly and is more durable underwater.

You just need to learn about silicone and TPE and choose a type of material for your doll.

Doll’s size/height.

Ask, “Do you have room for a full doll or do you just want a mini sex doll or a Sex Doll Torso?”

Where are you going to put the doll? It may need some space to be preserved, cleaned, etc. Make a choice accordingly and choose the size that normally ranges from the size of 82 cm torso to the size of 175 cm dolls. These dolls are often made with a skeleton of stainless steel that is human so that you can join them and make them a little strong. That is why you have to carefully select the doll and the size and weight you can manage appropriately.

Transport & Management

There is an import tax imposed on the buyer in some countries, most of the dollars are paid, and prepaid import taxes are provided in some countries and this method must be used to speed up the distribution. You can also pick it up at your convenience by choosing the doll for shipping to your courier company. The shipment is private and discreet, and there are no labels or content notes on the packaging.

Find a doll seller that has been verified.

A sex doll can be pleasant and lasting. Often buy a doll from a checked doll seller or apologies that you have a fake product. We are here to assist and advise, and we like listening to our clients to support their needs. Please realize, though, that we are not physicians and cannot help you solve health-related problems.

Figure / Shape

Because dolls come in various shapes and figures, when seeking a silicone sex partner you have to bear in mind the following:

  1. What kind of breast do you like or what kind of fantasy body is your doll? For eg, big, medium, or small breasts.
  2. This should be the body’s perfect waist?
  3. What’s the size of the ass? E.g. you can go hips for a broad size if you’re a huge booty lover.
  4. How are you going to like your doll? Latina, blonde, ebony, or a mature face, for example?
  5. Furthermore, if you like, the doll will have a tranny insert


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