How to set up a Dressing Room at Your Home

Dressing Room

Have you ever dreamt of your dressing room? Yes, it’s a dream come true for people who love to have their wardrobe and make-up room. You can turn an extra space or a spare room into your dressing room.

Give it a dreamy appearance as you have always imagined with a functional setup and outstanding decoration. Let you and your visitors turn awe-inspired with a fantastic dressing room.

Let’s discuss all the crucial points on how to set up a dressing room at your home.

Organize, Organize, and Organize


The first step to setting up a dressing room is to consider your clothes and all the accessories. You must have enough space to include everything and for things, you will purchase shortly.

A messy dressing room will steal all the essence. Install a closet with glass panels and lights to keep your precious clothes and accessories. You can install open hangers in cubicles for quick and daily essentials.

Make room for all the footwear and bags. Go for closets and organizers that are floor to roof height. For example, you can place a wooden seat with a cushion over it to change your footwear. Make sure it has racks and drawers for some extra storage.

A Dreamy Setup

Dreamy Setup


A dreamy dressing table and chair for comfort and all the pampering. Install a large horizontal mirror with a table full of drawers. You can keep all your make-up and jewellery organized in different boxes in the drawers. Place brushes and daily tools on the tables on beautiful organizers.

A chair must be very comfortable, and a revolving recliner would be perfect. It will allow you to turn and bend accordingly quickly. Adjust height according to the mirror and make sure you have a footrest.

A full-length floor-placed mirror is very functional, as you can have a quick last-minute get-up check. Also, mirrors give an illusion of larger space and make your place bright.

A dose of Outstanding Wall Decor

Dose of Outstanding Wall Decor


Wall decor is so vital for a finishing look and adding an element. Consider a light color palette, or if you are a happy-go-lucky person, you repaint it to something bright. If you are okay with your color palette, then you can go for wallpapers and wall decals.

They are removable and easily change the look of your wall. For example, you can opt for a subtle floral print or a print with miniature make-up and accessories caricature. Now, layer your wall with some exotic wall art and a rich hue of silver framed wall art. Take ideas of grey artwork for your room.

Or wall art with sassy makeup quotes. You can hang a medium size wall canvas on either side of the mirror. You can also decorate and extra elongated walls with all your photos where you have dressed up gorgeously.

The Feel Good Flooring

You can go for black and white patterned ceramic tiles to add a pattern. Install a rich carpet in the dressing room if you don’t want to deal with the flooring.

Wall to wall lightly cushioned carpet of maroon or whites will look so beautiful. The cushioned effect will look good and very royal. Keep a vibrant rug near center shoe changing seating and underdressing are chairs for additional layering and comfort.

Ample Lighting

Sufficient lighting is the most crucial part of a functional dressing room. Install as many lights as you can. Install lights on the sides of the mirror for precise makeup.

The glass cabinets provide light to each corner and organizers for a better view. On the top of the roof, you can hang a ceiling light. It can be royal with golden hues and massive.

Usually, windows and natural light are absent in dressing rooms, but it’s not mandatory. If you love natural light, you can let the light come with glass panel windows and light curtains.

Setup your Tools Neatly

Yes, you don’t want all the cords lying here and these. Arrange all your hair styling appliances, phone cables, and all the equipment then, place a cord manager and designate a proper space for all the tools.

You surely don’t wall all your tools to be on the table with all the wire networks; make it as tidy as you can.

Let’s Wrap it

With all these handy tips, get ready to set up and decorate your dressing room. Keep enough space for moving around with space-saving decor. Store as much as you can organize your stuff. Install sufficient lights with bright and happy decoration.

A small one or a large one, invest in items that are very efficient in consuming space. Make a list and designate a fixed place for everything, and you can label the drawers and organizers. You will feel so good getting ready here and forever be thankful to yourself for taking this decision.

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