The Beginner’s Guide: How to Measure Your CBD Oil Dosage

How to Measure Your CBD Oil Dosage

CBD is a product that has exploded onto the market, boasting numerous health claims. If you’re going to use CBD for health benefits, though, it’s important that you know a little bit about dosages.

You’ll get numerous ideas about dosage from different sources, but most of them are anecdotal or personal, so you don’t really get much direction on how much to take. We’re going to take a look at CBD oil dosage today, giving you some insight into how much you should take.

Let’s get started.

Understanding CBD Oil Dosage

The first thing to understand about CBD is that it operates in a way that cannot lead to overdose. You might feel sick or fall asleep if you take too much of it, but it will not produce harm or pose any fatal threat to you.

CBD operates on the central nervous system and the endocannabinoid system, serving to reduce feelings of pain, anxiety, and more. It has numerous forms, and those forms dictate how you should take it and how much you should take.

For example, CBD rub might be used excessively and the results will just keep piling on. The more of the ointment you run on a particular spot, the less pain you’ll feel in that area.

The same is true for the CBD dosage in terms of oil, but the effects will be distributed across the body more thoroughly. Plus, you have to be careful because the CBD oil concentration is a lot higher when you get it straight from the bottle.

It’s harder to measure out two drops of oil than it is to split a CBD cookie in half, for example. You should also plan your dosage on what you’re using it for. A CBD dose for sleep might be larger than a CBD dose for anxiety.

If you want to have the energy to go out and socialize with people, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t take so much that it makes you sleepy.

Personal Factors and Dosage

One difficult thing about CBD dosage is that your body chemistry will dictate how the substance interacts with you.

Our suggestion is to start slow with your dose. You’re not going to get high or have a panic attack from CBD, but you might feel a little unusual if you have too much.

So, find CBD oil for sale, try the smallest amount you can, and see what it does. If you’re feeling great after one drop of CBD oil, then you can use that dosage until your tolerance increases.

If it does absolutely nothing for you, you can try to use two or three drops and see how that works. After a while, you’ll find the sweet spot for your body.

Want to Learn More About CBD Products?

Finding the right CBD oil dosage is just the first step in using these products to their full potential. There’s a lot to learn about CBD, its variations, and what it’s capable of doing.

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on how to use CBD and other cannabis products to your benefit.

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