Tuxedos and Accessories Are Taking Over Men’s Fashion

Men may not have a lot of options when it comes to fashion in comparison to women. Yet, formal clothing items like tuxedos keep on coming in fashion from time to time. This is because they have been the pinnacle of men’s fashion for a long time. A tuxedo is a classy, formal jacket worn at formal occasions like operas, weddings, balls, dinner parties, etc.

Tuxedos are available in a variety of colors, textures, designs, etc. Choosing the type of style that suits you can be a little difficult and requires patience. It can often be time-consuming. But, you can begin by trying out different fittings. For instance, slim-fit tuxedos may suit one body type but not the other. Long fitted tuxes may suit taller men, and short-fitted tuxedos may be the best for men with a shorter height. Click here to see the collection.

An outfit with a tuxedo includes a white shirt, a bow tie, dress pants, and a suit jacket. Thus, a tuxedo is referred to as an ensemble of several pieces of clothing. The material of the white dress is usually made of linen. A bow tie is made of polyester and sometimes silk. Suit jackets are often made of wool, and all pieces are ironed before wearing. The suit jackets contain a collar, pockets, and a silk or polyester lining.

Tuxedos are special men’s outfits that keep on making a comeback from time to time. Whether it is a red carpet occasion or a wedding, Tuxedos and suits can be worn to any such occasion.


While going on a fashion hunt, you may get confused between a tuxedo and a suit. Well, a men’s suit can be distinguished from a Tux based on the presence of satin. Satin can be found on the lapels, buttons, and sometimes the pockets of a tuxedo. A suit will have the same material of fabric throughout.

One of the most common types of tuxedos is one consisting of a notch lapel. Wouldn’t you like to wear something that is familiar to you and feels comfortable? Well, notch lapel tuxedos for men are the right pick! This design is available in both suit patterns and tuxedos patterns.


Some accessories can bring about a drastic glow-up in your outfit. Here are a few things you can accessorize with your tux.

  1. Bow tie: It is one of the most common accessories with a tuxedo. Different bow ties like a diamond, butterfly, etc., can lift your whole fashion game.
  2. Cufflinks and studs: They create a formal and classy look on your tux. You can also go bold by trying a bunch of studs with cool and funky patterns or bold colors.
  3. Pocket square: Pocket squares give an outfit an elegant and sensual vibe. Your tuxedo will look  better with a matching pocket square.
  4. Boutonniere: Many men prefer to ensemble their tuxedos with a single blossomed flower. Preferred colors could be red or white. These are often paired with pocket squares.

In the end, don’t forget to complete your look with a dress watch. Wearing a watch never goes out of style and is often considered to be formal, classy, and attractive. Check Angelino tuxedo collection.


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