Why should you wear Hijab?


The term hijab implies obstructing or bringing up a firewall. In several other languages, carrying hijabs involves covering up a human body and form and her head.

You are indeed a Muslim, although 

Every single either of us expresses our religion. For a Muslim, you still have to be separate from the rest of the community. The characteristic of a real Muslim is restraint and composure. Everyone who encounters a scarfed female assumes she’s a Muslim. The scarf must be carried with confidence because it is the supreme identification of the Muslim woman.

For Our Lord Please 

Muslims accept God the All-Powerful as the great creator and ultimate authority of the world, and therefore the faith He delivered – sharia – is a part of living for all of us. Appropriately, Spiritual rule is often observed, and obedience to the commands of God is, therefore, a kind of adoration. In accordance with this verse from the Quran, humans do not show our attractiveness merely, even though it is our Lord’s instruction.

Private Protection For Women

A hijab resembles a safety harness. Will it protect you from becoming hurt at all times by somebody else’ irresponsible behaviour? However, the risk will lessen. Likewise, Islam encourages girls to seek their own health within their own pockets, instead of depending on men’s kindness. Islam advocates the health and very well-being of its members, as does the safety harness.

You earn love 

Women are being objectified to an alarming degree nowadays. Regular tv programs, commercials, advertisements, all portray the female mind and body of desire. They risk their safety, compromise their peace and security, and give it up to their supreme am Allah’s submission. Wear the veil, and that’s not what you should be doing. Wear a headscarf since you need love, and even though you’re a self-respecting Muslim.

Hold Our Appearance 

No matter what age or contractual status, any woman loves affection and treatment. For many of these women, fulfilling the desire comes from privately and openly complimenting others. Muslim girls who openly hide their visual points of interest only pursue the affection in secret towards their family members. The reasoning behind its procedure is almost too compelling to try.

Maintaining married beauty 

We simply seek self-respect from either the community by attempting to cover up, because we do not encourage ourselves to be evaluated on the grounds of our appearance. Our communities but at the other side, show us the love and recognition that we earn. When they know, we are not encouraging odd people to take a taste of our attractiveness by showing themselves. Still, instead, we are restricting the freedom of our spouses to appreciate our attractiveness.

Judged according to Value

Many people, frequently branded as patriarchal, fail to understand that perhaps the scarf actually emboldens every woman with both the right to decide how she has been viewed and valued in the community, her health, and who gets in seeing her elegance, while still trying to make a statement against women. A woman who follows the Hijab frees herself from the unethical and insensitive standards of her culture.

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