5 Ways The Cloud Will Make Your Organisation More Efficient

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Almost every organisation strives to make efficiency improvements on an annual basis, either to satisfy shareholders or to stretch an operating budget further than it would otherwise go. One of the primary motivations for moving IT systems to the Cloud is the possibility of future efficiency improvements that such a move has to offer: sizable improvements as far as most organisations are concerned. If your business or government agency is still in the process of planning a cloud migration, this article may encourage you to accelerate your plans. In it, we look at 5 key ways in which Australian cloud providers can help your organisation to become more efficient.

5 efficiency improvements made possible by the Cloud

No matter what line of business or public service your organisation may be involved in, moving to the Cloud could provide the following benefits:

  • Easy collaboration – Data that you store in the Cloud can be accessed easily and securely from any location with a connection to the Internet. This makes it much easier for teams in different offices and geographical locations to collaborate with each other. There are no security or accessibility issues to overcome before collaboration can begin. With more cooperation between departments, there is a great potential for efficiency improvements.
  • Data storage cost savings – If you choose a data storage solution that accurately meets your needs, without leaving a large amount of spare capacity, you could reduce your data storage costs when moving to the Cloud. Many organisations make the mistake of over-provisioning when it comes to data storage in the Cloud but there is no need to do this: you can easily increase your storage at a moment’s notice, whenever necessary.
  • Flexible resource provisioning – The ability to scale storage space and other cloud resources up and down at a moment’s notice means that you only have to pay for the resources you really need in any given month. Instead of being tied to specific resources, as you are with a legacy system, you can alter the type and number of resources you use with a cloud platform at any time.
  • Less maintenance – One of the biggest advantages of moving to the Cloud is the fact you don’t have to worry about maintaining the equipment or infrastructure on which your IT systems are hosted. The servers on which your data and apps reside will be spread across modern data centres all over the world. The upkeep of these servers and the software they run is the responsibility of your cloud service provider, which means your IT maintenance specialists can turn their attention to more profitable matters.
  • No capital expenditure – Future increases in demand for IT services will not require your organisation to invest valuable capital in new equipment. You can simply increase the resources you have access to on your cloud platform.

As you can see, cloud platforms offer a number of ways for commercial and public sector organisations to make efficiency improvements, including direct cost savings on IT infrastructure and the potential for increased productivity/innovation in many other areas. A cloud solution could also help your organisation to reduce its carbon footprint, thereby boosting your eco-friendly credentials. For these reasons and many others, a large number of Australian organisations have already migrated to the Cloud.

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