CBD vs THC: How to Tell the Difference


Did you know that marijuana’s average THC potency has risen from one percent to more than twenty percent within the last thirty years?

Even though there is more THC in marijuana than there used to be, many people don’t realize that marijuana is just one kind of cannabis plant. Many cannabis plants do not actually contain THC and instead are rich in a compound called CBD.

Since CBD vs. THC is two very different compounds, it’s important to know about their similarities and differences. If you want to find out more, keep reading and we’ll fill you in on what you need to know.

The Basic Similarities and Differences Between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are both natural compounds produced by the cannabis plant. Even though cannabis and hemp plants both produce CBD and THC, the cannabis plant has a much higher percentage of THC. Hemp, on the other hand, has more CBD.

THC and CBD have very similar chemical structures. They both have twenty-one carbon atoms, thirty hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms.

What many people don’t realize is that they have different chemical arrangements. This is why each of these compounds interacts with the human body in very different ways.

THC Has a Psychoactive Component

THC is what’s responsible for the experience of “being high” when people smoke marijuana. This is why marijuana is still illegal in many states.

CBD is not psychoactive, which is why people don’t feel high after they consume it. Though it is true that CBD may have trace amounts of THC, it’s not enough to make people feel high. Many people choose to use CBD because of its many possible health benefits.

THC Products Offer Various Benefits

Medical marijuana is legal in almost half of all states within the United States. People use THC to treat a number of health conditions that include insomnia, pain, cancer, and glaucoma.

This is why companies such as GemmaCert that create products for testing marijuana potency are growing in popularity. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out what GemmaCert Customers are saying about the company.

There Are Many Reasons That People Use CBD

When people consume CBD, it binds to their bodies’ cannabinoid receptors. The compound is growing in popularity because there are many benefits of CBD. People consume it to treat issues such as arthritis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

CBD and THC Can Both Show up on Drug Tests

Since all cannabinoids like CBD and THC get stored in the body’s fat, they’ll probably show up on drug tests for several weeks after you consume them.

With this being said, keep in mind that CBD will not show up on every kind of drug test. Most standard drug tests are only designed to identify THC.

CBD vs. THC: Many Similarities and Differences

If you’re trying to understand the relationship between CBD vs. THC, it’s important to know that CBD cannot get you high. Both of the substances have many health benefits and they are closely related.

To find out more about CBD and THC, don’t forget to check out the Lifestyle section of our blog.

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