Notable Achievements of George Edwin Pham in supports Ecommerce Scene

George Edwin Pham

George Edwin Pham is a young successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship was is his passion and dream so he worked hard on it and changed his dreams into reality at a very young age. He was only at the age of 13 when he started his first business. Pham started to watch videos on YouTube on how to make money online as a teenager. He was inspired a lot by social media, so he decided to use this platform to make money. He started his online business of selling shoes, clothes, life products and beauty, and health products. He gained huge success, as he sold thousands of products within days. At a very young age, he has good skills in dealing with others, how to treat the customers, and how to get more and more clients.

George Edwin Pham makes different friends in his school and college life and also interacts with different people that helped him a lot. He has a good sense of fashion, designing, ideas, and planning as he has a creative and broad vision that helps and supports him in his field.


George Edwin Pham has amassed over more than 10,000 followers on social media especially on Instagram in October 2020 where his presence really took off. He started his career at a very young age of just 13 and facing such a huge audience is itself a big success of Achievement. He is a boy full of confidence and skills that helped him a lot in every field of his life. His huge fan following is a source of motivation for him.

He has a huge following list on the Tik Tok as he is trendy in social media through his work. He started marketing on social media and has a good command over Instagram, Facebook, and many more. He is a successful businessman also he is known as a Twitch streamer that helps him a lot in live streaming to deal with people. “There’s always a time for games” quotes Pham.

All about his Hobbies and Passions:-

He has a great passion for lifestyle, fashion, and design. The reasons behind his success at such a young age are that his hobbies and passions are also related to his dreams of becoming successful. He spends his free time on different social media platforms and also loves to play games. He enjoys his free time playing different sorts of games that make him active and fresh.

Though about Future:-

George Edwin Pham is working on his future vision as recently he started to get knowledge about social media, marketing, and advertising and started working on it. He is working on what this modern world demands from us. At a young age, he is totally serious about gaining knowledge and to do something good and big. He brings his dreams toward reality through his hard work and passion. At the stage, when he started working on his career, he says that “95 percent of the kids have no idea about what they will do for their future life” So at a very young age he set his goal and started working on it. Through his motivation and inspiration, it seems he will do something new and fantastic through his social media experience. He is learning more about marketing through different platforms and is even visiting different countries.

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