What Is EMF? Plus What You Can Do to Protect Your Family From It

What Is EMF

Around 60% of Americans experience the symptoms of EMF radiation without knowing it – but what is EMF, and how to protect yourself from it?

One indicator that you need to learn more about EMF is if you experience chronic tiredness. If you’re experiencing unexplained fatigue on a daily basis, you need to know how to block EMF radiation.

Luckily, some materials can minimize these dangerous rays and keep you safe from them. Getting educated about EMF is the first step towards protection.

If you want to know more about EMF, keep reading.

What Is EMF?

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are produced by both natural and artificial light. Some EMFs are more hazardous than others, and they’re commonly referred to as ‘radiation.’ There are two types of EMF radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing.

Because it is high-level radiation, ionizing radiation can cause cellular and DNA damage. Radioactive waste, X-rays, and UV radiation all contain ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation is less dangerous than ionizing radiation, but it can still create problems. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted by microwaves, computers, phones, and power lines.

Excessive EMF exposure can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. These include headaches or migraines that keep you awake at night, brain fog and lethargy, and depression.

However, because these symptoms are linked to various health issues, a definitive diagnosis is challenging. Your doctor usually won’t order comprehensive testing unless you’ve been exposed to a lot of radiation.

The Types of EMF Protection

There are legal safeguards in place to prevent you from being exposed to ionizing radiation (X-rays, tanning beds, or radioactive waste).

However, there are fewer precautions in place to protect you against non-ionizing radiation. This means you need to take matters into your own hands. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce EMF exposure.

Start by eliminating any unnecessary radiation in the home and invest in EMF blocking materials. You can buy carbon-based paints, bed canopies, and tents from to help keep you safe.

It becomes more difficult when you’re out of the home as you have little control over your environment. However, when you’re out and about, you can try wearing EMF protective clothing.

Finally, if you live near a powerline that you believe is creating difficulties, you can have a professional come out and test the radiation levels in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can purchase an EMF meter for personal use.

What Is EMF? The Basics Explained

No more wondering, ‘what is EMF?’ You now have all the information you need to keep yourself and your family safe.

It’s time to invest in EMF radiation-blocking materials for inside and outside the home. When you’re shielded from EMF, you can live longer, happier, and healthier lives – so don’t delay!

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