5 Common Mistakes When Buying An Electric Skateboard

Common Mistakes Buying Electric Skateboard

Alternative and carbon-emissions-free transport continue to gain favor among sustainability-conscious people. Electric skateboards are no different as these portable vehicles offer a convenient means of getting around town flexibly without bringing too much gear. These have also become a staple for seasoned skaters who favor the speed and power of using motorized boards.

Having said this, with the amount of Eboards available in the market created for different purposes, many rookies find themselves making the incorrect choices, leading to wasted money. Thus, in order to find the best board and avoid genuine oversights, it’s ideal to be more informed before making a purchase.

Common Mistakes Buying Electric Skateboard

Here are five common mistakes when buying an electric skateboard:

1. Overlooking Your Riding Terrain

The surface you plan on riding is just as important a consideration as your Eboard. This is because each terrain needs a board with wheels made to suit its texture. Thus, matching your board’s wheel type and motor capacity to your riding surface can ensure it doesn’t get damaged too soon, which means spending money on replacements. It can also guarantee that your riding experience is smoother and more enjoyable.

Riding rough and rocky surfaces, such as roads and mountain trails, you’d need boards designed with larger wheels that are more durable and won’t be worn out by running over gravel and stones. If you plan to travel or commute over uphill and steep inclines, consider a board with a climbing torque of about 400W to generate enough power to keep you moving. For skaters who want a board for various purposes, such as recreational activities on smooth flooring, and sports and communing activities on rough surfaces, it’s ideal to get a versatile GTR electric skateboard and the like, which are dynamic enough to adjust to different landscapes.

2. Not Considering The Electric Board’s Weight And Length

When buying your electric skateboard, it’s essential that you think about the board’s weight and length. Buying a board that’s too long and heavy could reduce its portability in times when you may need to carry it, such as when the battery dies or when entering a building with skateboard prohibitions.

It could also affect your skating performance and maneuvering ability if its weight is overbearing, which are vital aspects to consider if you do this sport professionally. In relation to this, you can choose a larger board if you have a bigger built and need it to support your own weight. This should be a board that weighs roughly around 40 pounds and is 30 inches in length. If you prefer lighter boards that are easier to navigate and carry around, look for ones that are about 15 inches in length.

3. Not Discerning Price And Quality

Excellent electric skateboards are a balance of good quality and affordable price. Thus, don’t buy a skateboard based solely on the price under the assumption that you’re getting the better deal the higher the price. Having said this, it’s essential to balance the quality and price of your board because poor quality could put your safety in jeopardy by making riding dangerous.

Thus, look for high-quality materials, such as multi-layered bamboo and carbon fiber, which can be on the more expensive side but worth it because such boards tend to last long. Unless you’re a beginner skater testing on a flat environment, avoid ones made of cheap plastic as they can easily break and become a safety hazard.

4. Not Buying From Credible Companies

As obvious as this may seem, many skaters in the past have chosen to buy boards from unreliable companies and brands just to save some money. Doing this risks your warranty as many of these companies offer no customer support and some may even be difficult to reach after purchase. In that case, you’d have to figure out the board on your own or shell out for a new board because the warranty doesn’t exist.

So, to avoid this, make sure to research companies and always check the product details You’ll know that a brand is reputable when it has a properly functioning e-commerce website, with up-to-date product information, and is well-respected and established in the skateboarding community.

5. Not Considering The Care And Maintenance

Since electric skateboards are still electrical devices, they still need some care and maintenance to keep them in good condition and prolong their lifespan. Despite this, many beginner skaters and amateur hobbyists make the mistake of buying a board that requires more maintenance than they have time or money for. This is particularly in the cases of fine-tuning the bolts of wheels and buying specialist oil for the bearings. This could result in a neglected board that doesn’t last long.

Thus, you should choose an electric skateboard that’s easy to take care of and only requires occasional cleaning after a riding session.


The most common mistakes when buying an electric skateboard have to do with overlooking aspects of the board itself and your own riding situation. Therefore, to prevent yourself from falling into these costly pitfalls, be sure to think about where you’ll be riding, the level of ease you want when riding, as well as the cost, brand, durability, and maintenance of your board before finalizing your decision. Doing this can allow you to find one that supports your skating ability and can last you a long time.

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