Think Digital Signage is Just for Large Corporations? Think Again

Digital signage

Large corporations have been using digital signage in various forms for decades. But until recently, the hardware has been beyond the budget capabilities of most small businesses.

However, technology usually grows more affordable as time passes, and today digital signage equipment is available to almost everyone. Corporations that once had exclusive access to this wonderful marketing tool now have to share it with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today digital signage is a marketing tool for everyone. Here’s how small firms benefit from this strategy that was once out of their reach.

1. Digital signage isn’t just a TV screen with ads

Digital signage supports extensive options for delivering advanced marketing messages to consumers. Though some companies use digital displays to show standard video ads to viewers, the technology is capable of much more.

For example, you can:

·  Deliver content to multiple screens anywhere in the world using digital signage software

·  Allow multiple admins to manage your content

·  Integrate with other applications like 25Live and Google Calendar to manage content approval workflows

·  Display interactive content initiated by sound, motion, and touch

Businesses and educational institutions use digital signage to encourage and support students and staff. For instance, companies use displays to show appreciation for workers, announce birthdays, celebrate holidays, and engage people in fun quizzes.

Businesses also use digital signage to engage workers in surveys and contests that benefit operations.

2. Digital signage is a long-term investment

Long-term marketing investments are crucial. So much else in the marketing arena is disposable.

You may run the same PPC ad for years, but you’ll have to keep paying for clicks as time passes. In contrast, once you purchase your digital signage equipment, you can run as many ads as you like without having to pay anything further (except, of course, for the electricity).

If you have a long-term marketing investment, this gives you the ability to design long-term goals without worrying about how you can afford to reach each step in your plan. If you financed your equipment, you’ll have to pay off the loan; however, the cost won’t fluctuate the way PPC ads and other methods will.

3. Digital signage is affordable

Small outfits always look for effective marketing strategies that won’t stress their budget. Most small business owners simply don’t have access to the large sums of capital available to major corporations. However, the cost of digital signage hardware has come down drastically, and software subscriptions mean small businesses only need to pay a monthly fee to get the same benefits.

Lack of extra capital makes it harder to compete in the global marketplace with those larger businesses. To combat this disadvantage, most small business owners focus on local advertising, which makes sense because statistics show that 46% of all Google searches are performed by users looking for local information.

In the case of local marketing, there’s less competition and your dollars go further. For example, local search engine optimization (SEO) can put your business at the top of Google’s search results when users log in using a local IP address.

Although local advertising generates a strong ROI, digital signage can take your local marketing strategy to the next level. Once your business brings nearby residents into the store, you can use digital signage to engage them further.

Offer deals and discounts to visitors, display promotions, and ask for customer feedback. This brings up the next point.

4. Digital signage can be used to gather customer feedback

Input from customers is often underutilized, or even not invited. Sales are directly tied to customer satisfaction, which is derived from the customer experience. The best way to improve your customers’ experience is to generate targeted, specific customer feedback.

According to statistics published by Forbes, firms that have a solid customer experience outperform others by 80%. That makes sense, since many customers are willing to boycott a brand over the smallest infraction, which after a media scandal can easily be made to appear unforgivable.

Great customer service has become rare, and the bar is extremely low nowadays. Often, all it takes to impress a customer is to provide a refund with no questions asked. What used to be standard is currently regarded as going above and beyond.

How to gather customer feedback using digital signage

To generate customer feedback, run a program on your digital signage software that engages consumers in your stores. Offer a discount on their purchase in exchange for their immediate responses.

Make your questions short and direct. For example, ask people how likely they are to refer your business to friends and family using a 5-star rating system. Then ask them a few specific questions and finish with a field for open-ended feedback.

Try to keep your survey to 3 to 5 minutes and always display a progress indicator so the participants can see they’re almost finished.

Small businesses need digital signage

All small businesses can benefit from using digital signage. Whether it’s used to display ads, engage customers, or obtain customer feedback, digital signage is a priceless marketing method.

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