Ed Sheeran lives without a cellphone and is happy

Ed Sheeran lives without a cellphone and is happy


In the current era of technology, it seems impossible if no one has a smartphone, even if asked to leave a smartphone better than a wallet.

But it turns out it is known is one person with the status of a world-famous singer who can live for years without a smartphone, he is Ed Sheeran.

The singer of the song ‘Perfect’ is known to have been using the smartphone since 2015. The only technology he uses is email, so for people who want to contact him, there is no cellphone number but must send him an email.

Roman Kemp, a presenter, and broadcaster on ‘Im A Celebrity’ revealed that he used e-mail to reach Ed Sheeran.

“Ed did not have a phone, so you have to send an email to him,” he said.

In the previous interview, Ed explained his decision to live life and enjoy it without a smartphone.

“I bought an iPad just using it for e-mail and this makes me far less stressed. I don’t need to get up in the morning and answer 50 messages from people asking for things. I get up and drink tea,” he explained.

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