Everything you need to know about WOW TV – offers, installations and termination


Whether you are a fan of watching TV or watching it to pass the time or to relax, WOW is always there to help you out with their cable services. It is a TV provider that provides Cable TV service across the Southern and Mid-west US with extensive bandwidth at below-average rates when you come down to it. However, they keep their TV plans simple, yet you will notice that the WOW Channel lineup covers everything you may be looking for.

WOW cable TV offers

WOW puts forward all-inclusive TV packages and good plans for your home. Below are its major traits narrowed down in a list, have a look at them.

  • High definition channels with more than 130 varied options.
  • A mixed channel lineup, including local and general channels.
  • On-demand content can be accessed through any device of your preference.
  • Unlimited data with fiber-powered cable broadband as speedy as 200 Mbps.
  • No obligation to contracts and a 30-days easy money-back guarantee. (However, you get contract agreements on bundle plans, but you always have other plans if you wish to go contract-less).

With these many impressive attributes, WOW keeps its TV cable varieties simple but exciting. They deal out them in three basic plans. Here they are explained.

  • WOW small cable – This is the most basic plan offered by WOW and is the least recommended by most users (they get more in the other two packages!). The WOW channel lineup of the small plan includes around 90 standard channels without any premium channels as they do in the medium and large ones.
  • WOW medium cable – As you come up from the small package, the medium cable increases the price, allowing you to cover over 150 channels, including some famous and most liked channels like Nickelodeon, the travel channel, and SyFy. Also, this plan can get you the premium channels of your choice like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, or Starz.
  • WOW large cable – This is the biggest plan offered by WOW with a maximum number of channels to offer. You get over 260 channels like NFL Network and VICELAND. Also, you can get the premium channels of your choice like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz.

What is WOW Ultra?

For some years, the TV market has been on the verge of trends, and one of them was the ‘smart TV’ and ‘entertainment platform’ trend. To this, WOW has participated by introducing the WOW ULTRA box. This ultra box combines a collection of on-demand content with regular and premium channels. It also incorporates with Netflix directly and serves as a wi-fi router too. This is most suitable for families looking for a single piece of hardware for their entertainment needs.

Installation and fees

WOW charges a fee for installation. Also, sometimes installation is free as a part of local promotional deals, but they can vary from place to place. WOW does not offer any self-installation method, although they can get it installed the next day itself for the people who need it right away. Below mentioned points can help you understand it better.

  • The general installation fee lies between $20 to $50.
  • There is no installation fee for moving.
  • For gateway rental, they charge you from $7 to $20.
  • DVD rental fee for basic is $10, while for HDR, it is $15.
  • Early termination fee for a 24-month plan goes up to $345.

WOW DVR options

The fees for WOW DVR may vary in different markets in different areas. However, the fee mentioned below is the average standard fee that is expected in general.

– Standard DVR costs $10/month while HD DVR costs $13/month.

– Ultra DVR Gateway + one media player with 500 GB of storage costs you $20/month.

– Ultra DVR gateway + two media players with 500 GB of storage cost you $25/month.




Wow is a great option for people looking for something different from the traditional cable and satellite services to receive the TV services differently. Considering the diverse WOW channel lineup, high speed in most areas, and simple but profitable TV package offers, it leaves no gap to say no to their services.


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