Ip Man 4 Launches the Last Trailer Before Appearing on the Cinema

Ip Man 4 Launches the Last Trailer Before Appearing on the Cinema


Towards its launch at the end of this year, Ip Man 4 released its latest trailer. The trailer, which is likely the latter, gives a little picture of what happened to Ip Man when he first set foot in the United States. Ip Man 4 is the last series in the series that was first released in 2008.

This trailer starts with Ip Man arriving at a school. In that place, Ip Man tried to apply to become a teacher. There are several absurdities created. Ip Man tried to explain that he taught kung fu.

That statement makes a woman look confused. The scene shifts to the fighting Ip Man. After that, he appeared the figure of Bruce Lee played by Kwok-Kwan Chan. Bruce was an Ip Man student before he moved to the United States.

The Ip Man franchise, starring Donnie Yen, was adopted from the real-life martial arts expert. Ip Man lived from 1893-1972. Quoted from Movie Web, he is recognized as having created a fighting style known as Wing Chun.

Even so, he is famous for having been a teacher of Bruce Lee, who was transformed into one of the famous action movie stars in the world. The first and second series Ip Man did not feature Bruce at all.



Before the third film, there were plans to use the CGI version of Bruce to bring the character into this series because they couldn’t find the right actors to portray it. However, they finally found the figure of Bruce in Kwok-Kwan Chan.

Ip Man 4: The Finale began filming in April 2018. The film centers on the life of Ip Man after his wife passed away. His life hasn’t changed much. Only, he and his son slowly separated. Hoping to get a better future for his son, Ip Man went to the United States.

He later found that his life there was stable and peaceful. Even so, he found racial discrimination that was far worse than he had expected. This forced Ip Man to re-examine his life as he pondered the reasons why he had been in the martial arts right from the start.

The film again shows Donnie Yen as Ip Man. Besides, Scott Adkins, Wu Yue, and Van Ness also performed here. Ip Man 4 is directed by Wilson Yip who has directed the previous 3 films of Ip Man. Wilson has proven its consistency in the films.

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