Instagram Algorithm – How Does it Work?

Instagram Algorithm

Do you feel good about getting content that interests you in your Instagram feed? Ever thought about how you get to see content that you like?

That’s what the Instagram algorithm does! It studies your (the user’s) behaviour on the Instagram application and looks into your past activity to learn what kind of content you see the most on your feed & explore page and how others view your content. So, substantially, the algorithm influences your organic reach.

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Now, let us dive deeper into the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram Algorithm Factors


The algorithm considers the relationship you have with the Instagram accounts you follow. The more you like, comment, and interact with an Instagram account, the more likely you will see the content they post.

Besides this, the algorithm also notices people whom you directly message, the accounts or people you directly search for, and the photos you are tagged in.

These concepts will apply to brands too. For example, if the audience regularly engages with your brand content, it would make your posts appear in their feed more often. Therefore, you need to ensure that your content is engaging.


Even though feeds are not in chronological order, the algorithm is still so that the users will see the most relevant and recent posts, specifically from accounts that users have a well-built relationship with.

You can leverage this parameter for your brand benefits by using your profile analytics to identify the best time to post on this platform. Thereby, you would be able to reach your followers when they are most active on the platform and in an urge to engage.


If you are a frequent user, you would see a more chronological feed; however, if you rarely use the app, you would see posts related to your interest and relationship since the last usage of the app.


When you follow many people, the application has more content to pick from when showing posts in the feed.

This factor stresses the importance of developing a relationship with your audience, encouraging interaction, and publishing the post at the correct times.


The usage parameter is almost identical to frequency, as it is associated with the amount of time a user spends on the app.

People who do quick browsing sessions would be shown what the algorithm determines to be the day’s highlights on the basis of the factors mentioned above; contrarily, those who invest more time on the app would see more posts.

For frequent browsers, they may even exhaust the content to see. At such a point, the algorithm would suggest new posts and profiles or accounts depending upon your interactions and engagement history.


You might have seen that Instagram makes many content recommendations; hence a part of the content users see is based on the application’s understanding of your interest in specific topics.

When the algorithm detects that you primarily interact with a particular content type, you will often see posts related to that topic.

Recent Update about the Algorithm

The recent update to the algorithm this year is the elimination of like comments on people’s photos.

The recent update has not yet been made available to all the users, but it would effectively eliminate the like count from a user’s photo and instead display the usernames of those who have liked the post.

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