Home Security: What Kind of Locks Are On Your Doors?

Home Security What Kind of Locks Are On Your Doors

We all know the feeling of getting scared when we walk into our house and see that the door is unlocked, especially if there are windows open. So you might want to think about investing in a new lock for your doors!

There are many different types of locks on doors, but two of the most common ones are deadbolts and knob locks.

Different Types of Door Locks for the Home

Deadbolts have a bolt-on on one side that moves from an open position to block someone from opening the door with just their hand. Knob locks consist of a latch that slides across the door frame and blocks it until you unlock it with your key or turn the knob.

And if you’re looking for something stronger, there are also sliding doors, frames, and windows! For example, sliding glass patio doors can be locked by inserting two small pins at either end of its track into locking holes in each track stop bracket (one), so they cannot slide past them. Sliding window frames may sometimes contain a lever-style handle set inside the adjacent wall framing member outside surface sheathing paneling material typically secured over like fitting and the window.

Principles Behind Locked Doors

For door locks, you can use a key to open the lock and unlock it.
Locks come in many shapes and sizes: from knob locks that require just one hand with no tools or knobs on them to sliding doors that are locked if there is an obstruction preventing access, such as furniture blocking the way.

Sliding window frames can also have levers inside of adjacent wall framing members outside surface sheathing paneling material typically secured over like fitting, for example, so they cannot slide past them.

There are also newer technologies, including fingerprint scanners, RFID bracelets, PIN numbers, app login screens, and more!

Picking Locks: Easy or Difficult

It can be fairly easy to pick a lock with practice. In most cases, it’s not difficult to pick the lock on your own front door or window if you are familiar with the process.

Locks are made of two tumblers and a hasp that holds them together in place; these three elements need to be pushed by tools to align for opening purposes. You can easily pick up a lock pick set to familiarize yourself with it and get a feel for how vulnerable the doors at your home are.

Different Types of Keys

The T-bar key turns one way while the S-shape key twists another direction depending on what type of lock is being opened (located at the base). If either party wants privacy, they should make sure their guests don’t have access to house keys because this leaves an open opportunity for identity theft! Secure locks are always a good idea.

Lock Picking Tools – How to Pick Locks

The most common lock picking tools include:

A tension wrench (a small, thin lever with one end pinched between two fingers) is inserted into the keyway. This is used to move the tumblers against their bias to be exposed for manipulation by other lock picks or probes. This is done by rotating it in either direction until all three components of the lock have been manipulated then pulled back out of the way while an unlocking tool is introduced.

Needle nose pliers are used to pick locks on household doors where pins cannot easily be reached because there’s not enough room behind them due to how close they are to the edge of the door.
Lock pick sets contain a variety of picks and other tools for lock manipulation (see below).

Law enforcement officials sometimes use pick guns instead of picking or drilling locks due to their speed and potential lack of damage that might be caused during the process.

It’s essential to have the proper home security and locks on all of your windows and doors. If you are unsure of how secure your home is, you may want to test yourself to see if you can pick the locks. This will help to set your mind at ease and give you peace of mind.


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