Nakatomi Agency Transforms into a Joint-Stock Company and Sets Sights on Stock Exchange Debut

In a significant milestone for Nakatomi Agency, we are excited to declare that as of January 1, 2024, we have officially transitioned into a joint-stock company. This transformative step reflects our remarkable growth over the past eight years, evolving from a team of two individuals to a formidable force of 300 professionals. With offices now established in multiple countries, Nakatomi Agency has become a global player in the industry.

In a groundbreaking move that underscores its commitment to growth and innovation, Nakatomi Agency, a leading marketing agency in Warsaw, has recently announced its transformation into a joint-stock company. This strategic shift positions Nakatomi for a significant milestone, their imminent debut on the stock exchange. This development not only marks a transformative period for the agency but also signifies a major turning point in the landscape of marketing services in the vibrant city of Warsaw.

The Evolution of Nakatomi

Established as a boutique marketing firm a decade ago, Nakatomi Agency has steadily climbed the ranks to become a key player in the industry. Their dedication to delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions has garnered a loyal client base and established them as trendsetters in the ever-evolving field. The decision to transition into a joint-stock company is a testament to Nakatomi’s ambition to scale greater heights and broaden its horizons.

Key Drivers Behind the Transformation

Capital Infusion for Expansion: The need for increased capital fuels Nakatomi’s decision to become a joint-stock company. By inviting external investors, the agency aims to secure the financial backing necessary for expansion into new markets, acquisition of advanced technologies, and diversification of service offerings.

Enhanced Corporate Governance: A redefined corporate governance framework accompanies the move to a joint-stock structure. This shift ensures a more transparent decision-making process, fostering accountability and aligning the agency with international standards. Corporate Governance will undoubtedly enhance Nakatomi’s credibility in the eyes of both clients and investors.

Employee Incentives and Talent Acquisition: As a joint-stock company, Nakatomi will have the ability to attract and retain top-tier talent through employee stock options. This strategic move not only motivates existing team members but also positions Nakatomi as an employer of choice in the competitive marketing landscape of Warsaw.

Stock Exchange Debut and Market Impact

Nakatomi’s planned entry into the stock exchange is anticipated to make waves in both financial and marketing circles. The agency’s IPO is poised to attract significant attention from investors eager to capitalize on the thriving marketing industry in Warsaw. This move is expected to elevate Nakatomi’s profile, providing them with the resources needed to continue pushing the boundaries of creative and effective marketing strategies.

Impact on the Marketing Landscape in Warsaw

The transformation of Nakatomi into a joint-stock company signifies more than just a corporate restructuring; it signals a new era for marketing agencies in Warsaw. As Nakatomi sets a precedent, other agencies in the region may follow suit, fostering a climate of innovation, healthy competition, and heightened standards within the industry.

Nakatomi Agency’s bold move to transition into a joint-stock company and venture into the stock exchange serves as a catalyst for innovation within the marketing landscape in Warsaw. The agency’s commitment to pushing boundaries and adopting a forward-thinking approach is likely to inspire other marketing agencies to reassess their strategies and embrace transformative changes to stay competitive.

Attraction of Top Talent

Nakatomi’s public debut signifies not only financial growth but also an opportunity to attract top-tier talent in the marketing sector. The agency’s success story is likely to make it a magnet for skilled professionals, inspiring other agencies to enhance their work culture, invest in talent development, and strive for excellence to compete in the talent acquisition landscape.

Encouraging Global Aspirations

Nakatomi’s journey toward the stock exchange is likely to inspire marketing agencies in Warsaw to explore global aspirations. The agency’s expansion plans and access to external investments may motivate others to think beyond regional boundaries, seek international collaborations, and position themselves as global players in the marketing arena.

Increased Client Expectations

Nakatomi’s transformational journey could lead to heightened client expectations within the marketing landscape. Clients may look to partner with agencies that demonstrate a commitment to innovation, transparency, and financial stability, prompting other marketing firms to elevate their service offerings to meet evolving client demands.

Economic Impact on the Marketing Sector

Nakatomi Agency’s stock exchange debut is poised to have a direct economic impact on the marketing sector in Warsaw. The agency’s success may attract more investments into the industry, leading to increased competition, job creation, and overall economic growth within the marketing sector.

Visionary Leadership By Ewelina Kołoda Takes the Helm

Leading the charge as our Chief Executive Officer is Ewelina Kołoda, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in steering the agency to its current success. Under her guidance, Nakatomi has expanded its reach, diversified its services, and solidified its position as a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

Strategic Transition From LLC to Joint-Stock Company

The transition from a limited liability company to a joint-stock company marks a strategic move for Nakatomi, reflecting our commitment to sustained growth and enhanced opportunities. As a joint-stock company, we open new avenues for investment and collaboration, allowing us to capitalize on the expertise and resources of a wider network.

Ambitious Goals of Stock Exchange Listing on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Nakatomi is setting ambitious goals for the future. Over the next two years, we aim to take our success to new heights by listing on the stock exchange. This move not only signifies our confidence in the strength of our brand but also provides an exciting opportunity for investors to be part of our continued journey.

A Decade of Remarkable Growth From Two to 300 Professionals

Celebrating a decade of success, Nakatomi has evolved from a modest team of two individuals into a formidable force comprising 300 professionals. Our growth story stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. It has positioned us as a global leader in the marketing industry, with established offices in multiple countries.

In a noteworthy development, Nakatomi Agency has embarked on a strategic journey, officially transitioning into a joint-stock company as of January 1, 2024. This monumental step is indicative of our commitment to growth, innovation, and setting new standards in the marketing landscape.

Commitment to Transparency and Long-Term Success

The decision to go public underscores Nakatomi’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and long-term success. This move will not only benefit our stakeholders but will also solidify Nakatomi’s position as a key player in the global marketplace.

Expressing Gratitude and Anticipating a Future of Innovation

As we commence this transformative chapter, we extend our sincere gratitude to our customers, colleagues, and faithful team members who have played a pivotal role in Nakatomi’s journey thus far. Nakatomi Agency is poised for a future marked by continued innovation, growth, and success as we navigate the dynamic landscape of the business world.


Nakatomi Agency’s evolution into a joint-stock company and its upcoming stock exchange debut is a monumental development that will undoubtedly shape the future of marketing agency in Warsaw. By embracing change and embracing the opportunities it presents, Nakatomi is not only securing its future but also contributing to the dynamic growth of the marketing sector in the city. As the agency continues to redefine industry standards, all eyes are on Nakatomi as it paves the way for a new era in marketing excellence.

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