The Claridges figured high occupancy rate amid the pandemic

The Claridges

When the Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the hospitality industry across the world, The Claridges, Delhi is continuously maintaining high occupancy rates.

Chairman of Claridges Group of Hotels, Suresh Nanda, recently has said that The Claridges, Delhi been maintaining high occupancy rates despite the ongoing crises due to the pandemic.

“At the Claridges, my instructions are, keep it clean, have a method of checking every one of our employees on a daily basis that nobody develops any symptoms of cold or fever, and have regular Covid tests done. If anybody shows any indication, we say that he or she should go home, relax, and only come back when you are well and better again. We also provide medical treatments so that our staff do recover,” he said.

He also said that the guests have appreciated the efforts of the hotel as they found it hygienic and safe to stay. “That is why our occupancy level is very high, last week we had an occupancy level of 80 percent. The next in the city would be 30 percent. That shows the confidence level that what we are doing is what the customers want and we are achieving results,” added Suresh Nanda.

Nanda also discussed how people are afraid to travel and the altering traveling experiences the people are witnesses to these days. “We are not seeing a jump in occupancy levels, people are afraid to travel. Even sitting in an aircraft you are never sure if anyone person in the aircraft is infected. You are in a confined space for a few hours. Travel is reduced and people in the same city don’t go to stay in hotels, they may go out and have meals but they don’t go and occupy the rooms.”

Suresh Nanda calls maintaining a decent occupancy level a huge satisfaction. He also said that more and more Delhites are visiting the hotel for an extended stay as many of them are not able to or they do not wish to travel outstations.

While talking about The Claridges, Delhi, he said, “We have some of the most iconic restaurants in the city like the Dhaba, the Pickwicks, Sevilla – the Mediterranean restaurant that people consider as the most romantic and has the best Mediterranean food in the country.”

“The comfort level and, the hygiene have helped and combined with the welcoming nature of our staff, guests feel welcomed when they come. Our staff has been trained to know their first names, welcome them and surprise them by knowing when they were last here and say that they haven’t seen them since so many months. The guests wonder how do they know! It is the modern technology that helps and we do go to this extra bit to learn about our repeat customers so that when they come, they feel special,” Suresh Nanda concluded.

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