Top 10 Benefits of Picking a Good Preschool

Benefits of Picking a Good Preschool

For parents living in Singapore, deciding which preschool to send their child to can be tough, especially since a child is at a vulnerable phase. Even after deciding on the preschool they want to send their child to, many parents still wonder if they made the right choice. The best preschools in Singapore give children an excellent head start in life with a good foundation in learning. It also quickens your child’s natural development. The following list outlines the top benefits of making a good preschool Singapore choice.

1. Your Child Gets Exemplary Social and Emotional Skills

Children who have had at least one year of preschool tend to have better social and emotional skills than their peers who’ve never attended. They also tend to do better academically later on and are less likely to drop out or be suspended from school. Consider enrolling your child in Roseville Preschool Kindergarten to provide them with a strong foundation for future success.

2. Your Child Will Be Adequately Prepared for Elementary School

One major advantage is that their language skills will be more developed than those who did not attend preschool. Children who attend high-quality preschool programs fare better academically than those who did not attend these early education opportunities. As your child transitions to kindergarten, they will be more confident and ready to take on new learning challenges.

3. Your Child Gets a Structured, Safe Learning Environment

For most children, preschool is their first formal learning environment. It gives your child’s day a sense of predictability and order, which will make them feel safe and secure. In addition, by attending preschool, your child will learn to be more independent as he learns how to prepare for school. This independence will help him adjust to kindergarten much more easily than if he had not attended preschool.

4. Your Child Develops Language and Communication Skills Faster

You might think that it’s good enough to expose your child to lots of different people and experiences at home, but even if you do that, they won’t develop communication skills as quickly as at preschool. 

By being around other children their age, your child will be exposed to the language daily and develop words more quickly than at home. Additionally, they will learn how to speak up when they want something and interact with other kids more easily.

5. Your Child Develops Math and Literacy Skills Earlier

In a good preschool Singapore learning environment, your child will develop better literacy and math skills than their peers. This holds true even after they transition to primary school. There is an advantage because they can absorb more complex concepts easier. 

6. Your Child Develops Excellent Physical Coordination From Games

Your child learns to play games and also develops their physical coordination. Coordination exercises are great for developing fine motor skills such as handwriting and even improving their gross motor skills, such as balance and agility. 

That’s why it’s so important to start them on coordination exercises from an early age, like at preschool! These are essential for learning how to control one’s body, especially when it comes to writing.

7. Your Child Develops a Healthy Dose of Curiosity

It’s natural for your child to want to explore their surroundings. At preschool, they will learn about their world, develop a healthy dose of curiosity, and begin to form opinions about who they are and what their place is in it. They will also make new friends!

8. Your Child Will Make Healthy Friendships

Being around other children is healthy for children and gives them ample opportunity to make friends. Your child will be involved in group activities that teach socialization skills at preschool. Group play helps kids learn to take turns, accept others as equals, and cooperate with others to reach a common goal. 

Being around other children also makes it much easier for kids to make new friends later in life, setting them up for positive future relationships and support networks they can lean on during tough times.

9. Your Child’s Personality Gets Room for Growth

A child’s social and emotional development takes root during their preschool years. A good preschool helps your little one develop into an independent, self-sufficient, and well-adjusted adult. From friendships to cognitive ability, preschool is an environment for your child’s personality to come out and grow. 

10. Your Child Gets a Safe Environment and Enjoyable Company

By sending your child to an early education facility, you allow them to develop important social skills that will stick with them for life. Your child will learn how to interact with people and share their toys and space. They’ll also get used to learning from teachers who can introduce them to new ideas, encourage imagination, and impart knowledge. 


If you want your child to have a great start in life, it is best to enroll them into a preschool as soon as possible to get used to it and enjoy their time there. The benefits are numerous and real for your child’s development. Choosing a good preschool in Singapore is one of those decisions that you will never regret.

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