A Complete Guide on How Much Kratom to Take

How Much Kratom to Take

This past year, more than 2 million Americans reported using kratom. While there are many kratom uses, 90 percent of people state that they consume it to treat pain. Meanwhile, 67 percent notice that their anxiety lessens.

With such amazing benefits, you may be thinking of taking kratom too! If so, this guide will help you decide how much kratom to take to get the desired effects. So, keep reading for more details!

Very Low Dose

If you’ve never tried kratom before, you’ll want to start slowly by taking 1 gram or less. With such a low dose, you can expect subtle effects like increased stimulation and improved mood.

Of course, you can always increase the dosage as you keep using kratom. Just remember to take kratom on an empty stomach, as this allows your body to experience stronger effects with a smaller amount.

Low Dose

After trying kratom the first time, you’ll probably want to bump up your dosage size to 1-2 grams. By doing so, you should experience noticeable effects on your energy levels, productivity, and mood.

Even if you’ve been taking kratom for a while, you may want to stick to this dose size if you are elderly, have a low tolerance for the substance, or simply like the effects it produces in small quantities.

Moderate Dose

If you want to feel neither stimulated nor sleepy, a moderate dose is likely your sweet spot. So, aim for 2-4 grams of yellow kratom.

Even though it doesn’t energize you as much, it provides pain relief and increases users’ sociability. So, if you are a shy individual, this dose is great right before a social gathering or party. Moreover, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and optimistic!

Potent Dose

If you have insomnia or have already developed a tolerance to kratom, you may consider bumping up your dose to 4-6 grams. Just be sure that you ease into it if you aren’t a frequent kratom consumer!

This potent kratom dosage provides people with anti-inflammatory benefits and acts as a strong sedative. So, don’t take it if before driving!

Very Potent Dose

Experienced users may at times take very potent dosages to experience the benefits of kratom to the maximum. Although it is highly sedative, 6-8 grams of kratom can also cause euphoria and act as an analgesic.

Above Limit Dose

Unless your doctor recommends it to you, you should never take more than 8 grams of kratom. Doing so can cause rapid weight loss and serious side effects that may compromise your health.

Always Know How Much Kratom to Take

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better idea of how much kratom to take. Of course, you may alter your dosage depending on your desired effects and experience with the substance. Nevertheless, this guide can help you avoid taking too much or getting unwanted outcomes.

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