Can sweeteners be zero calories?

zero calorie sweetener

Sugar consumption has become one of the deadliest things for our bodies. Don’t you think? We all know it tastes heavenly but in reality, the outcome of consuming refined sugar is no good to us. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and whatnot are mostly caused if sugar consumption rates are extremely high in a person’s life. But again it is not that easy to give up or cut out sugar entirely from our diet.

There are so many times when people said that they were at a party and they couldn’t eat the cake, or someone is having a birthday of their own but could not have the cake due to the sugar in it, these are quite tragic but there are solutions to these issues as well. Artificial or zero-calorie sweeteners are an amazing alternative for refined sugar.

These sweeteners are not only amazing for diabetic or obese patients but can be consumed by anybody who is conscious about their health or is maintaining a diet for leading a healthy lifestyle.

What are zero-calorie sweeteners?

Zero calorie sweeteners are sweetening agents which contain zero or no calorie content and are mostly used as an alternative for refined sugar. Zero calorie sweeteners are a bit sweeter in taste as compared to refined sugar and can be easily consumed by everyone. Anybody who is dieting or is diabetic can opt for this as an amazing alternative for refined sugar. This can be added to your sweet dishes, coffee, tea, food, and anything. Since the sweetness is great, you don’t need to add a huge quantity of it. You can add a little amount and that will be it.

Is zero calorie sweetener harmful?

The opinions on zero calorie sweetener consumption have got mixed views. A group of researchers claims that it is going to cause harmful health effects in the long run but few researchers said it is undoubtedly a better option as an alternative to refined sugar.

Anything of an excessive amount is not good for our health. Even zero calorie sweeteners if consumed in greater quantities.

Zero calorie sweetener is solely made keeping in mind to fulfill the sweet cravings without gaining weight. But if this is consumed continuously and in a greater amount then weight gain will happen along with other health complications just how it would happen if you consume a lot of refined sugar.

Now coming to the actual question which is if a sweetener can be zero calories. Yes, it can be. In zero calorie sweeteners, the sweet taste is achieved from natural ingredients like stevia or sugarcane. Plant extracts are mostly what creates this sweetness hence they are free from harmful and artificial chemicals which can cause any lethal side effect.

You can enjoy the sweet flavor and fulfill your sweet cravings by adding zero calorie sweetener to your cakes, smoothies, cookies, beverages, and almost everything. Just make sure you consume it in maintained quantities and not in excessive amounts.

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