5 Reasons Why Zetland Is a Great Place To Stay


Zetland might be an industrial suburb, but whether you plan to stay in the suburb for three days or three years, Zetland offers everything you might ever need and a couple to create an experience that lasts. From pet-friendly parks and dining options that include cuisines such as Italian and Thai in Zetland, the suburb provides both convenience and entertainment for anyone staying there.

Here are some reasons why Zetland should be on everyone’s list of places to visit:

East Village

Think of every place that you might ever need to visit for food and amenities. Now imagine all of those places under one roof. That’s the East Village in Zetland. You can get anything from fast Thai food in Zetland to a massage and an eye check-up all at one destination! Whether you are a tourist or a resident, a place like the east village close by is always convenient since you know exactly where to go if any sudden needs arise, and all you have to do is note down a single address.


Zetland happens to be located only 5 kilometres away from the Sydney CBD – that’s usually a quick 17-minute train ride from Green Square Station in Zetland to Wynyard Station in Sydney. This means popular tourist attractions like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House are only about 15 minutes away! The drive to the Sydney Airport by car is also only 8 minutes long, and by train, the travel time is 7 minutes. What’s more, Zetland is close to the coastline as well, with the closes beach – Coogee Beach – only a 16-minute bus ride away from Zetland.

The Greenery

Zetland is home to many green, pet-friendly parks like Joynton Park, that’s usually on the list of weekend plans of locals so they can enjoy nature along with their fur babies. There are also markets set up in the park on weekends that house stalls that sell goods from local businesses along with entertainment. One weekend visit to Joynit part is all you need to tick off quality time with your pet, entertainment, and your weekend shopping fix in one go!

The Community

With Zetland becoming a popular suburb for people to move into, given its quiet parks and its proximity to significant locations like the Sydney CBD, the suburb has a good mix of young and older families, as well as students. The mix of people living in Zetland adds to the diversity of the suburb’s community, making Zetland a great place for people of all ages and backgrounds to visit.

For The Art Lovers 

Zetland houses art galleries like the Sullivan+Strumpf art gallery and the Gannon House Gallery that any art lover is sure to want to visit. The Sullivan+Strumpf art gallery is one of the leading art galleries in the Asia-Pacific region and houses works of established artists and supports artists to help them cultivate their skills and artistic careers.

While the Sullivan+Strumpf art gallery caters to fans of contemporary art, the Gannon House Gallery focuses on displaying indigenous art. The Gannon House Gallery boasts one of the largest Aboriginal art collections in Australia due to the gallery has worked with local artist communities for over 30 years.

Both galleries are must-visits for anyone who wants to develop an appreciation for art and get to see eye-catching exhibits in the process!

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