K-pop rising star VERIVERY topped the Billboard chart with a new single.

K-pop rising star VERIVERY topped the World Digital Song Sales chart. Their second No. 1 debut on the same chart with the title track ‘G.B.T.B. (Go Beyond The Barrier)’ from the EP ‘FACE US’ in October last year. This remarkable result has made VERIVERY the artist who made title track number one in a row.

According to the recent trend of K-pop, we can realize its popularity in Korea and abroad. K-pop’s popularity in charts and broadcasts is getting hotter day by day. Rising stars always exist in crowded markets. K-pop rising star VERIVERY is the one. VERIVERY released their new single ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]’ on March 2. Expectations were high with teaser images and videos showing unique aspects of VERIVERY, which had never been seen before its release. The music video of ‘Get Away’ with the release received 15M views in just six days, indicating interest in the new K-pop rising star.

Surprisingly, VERIVERY made its second No. 1 debut on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart with its new single, while at the same time challenging it to level with the artists who had previously topped the chart. The World Digital Song Sales chart has already topped the list with world-famous BTS, Blackpink, EXO, Big Bang, PSY, and Twice. There is a difference in the number of times, but it is scarce to debut on the chart as No. 1 with the release.

Watching VERIVERY, Forbes pointed out that it was a NOTABLE artist when they topped the chart with ‘G.B.T.B.’ in October 2020 and that they are a K-pop artist to pay attention. As if to live up to that expectation, VERIVERY once again sat on the Billboard chart throne, and Forbes posted an article on March 17 highlighting VERIVERY, who broke their own best. They talked about the two consecutive Billboard World Digital Song Sales debuts at number one of VERIVERY and the previous artists. There are plenty of reasons to pay attention to VERIVERY in the future, and Korean and overseas fans’ reactions to the new K-pop Rising Star are also very intense.

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