Retrieving Lubricious Enthusiasm in Your Marriage

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When a man and woman came into a relationship, and if this relationship begins with love, it gives you more happiness. It is a natural phenomenon that the opposite gender attracts each other. This is the reason that people getting marry and passionately naming their love. People get married because they want to live with each other. They want to hold each other hand in a hard time. And all these also take a big responsibility with love. In the beginning, there is such passion, but with time, it slows down because every person should come busy in their lives. Later on, when time passes, many questions arise in partners’ minds: Does he or she still love me as much as they once did? Am I still attractive to my partner?  Are we falling out of devotions? Have they felt someone else more attractive? What are we doing?

These kinds of thoughts can begin to creep into your mind as the frequency between intimate moments decreases. Often with the arrival of the first child, sexual activity can decrease further because they involve themselves in the child’s care.   

Happiest Couples:

In this modernized world, everyone is busy doing their work. The world is running so fast that people are getting more involved than their families. This thing is disturbing couples’ life. From a purely biological standpoint, it is common in every relationship that first grows to sexual maturity, then reproduces, and then dies. I observed many people are getting married, and then after some years of marriage, their passionate love doesn’t the same as earlier. 

At the age of 25, I have noticed that the happiest couples are those who’ve maintained a mutually satisfying level of love. These types of people have lived their life more delighted. The frequency of closeness varies greatly. The majority of couples in the world I’ve interviewed have sexual intercourse at the rate of 4 to 12 times per month. Some people exist in this world and having intercourse almost every day. They are extremely rare. 

Couples busy in Responsibility:

On the other hand, some people have sex once per month or less than that. These are the people who involve themselves, their work lives. These people sacrifice their days at work and forget about each other. They forget about physical attachment between them.  Such infrequency is too challenging to maintain without losing sexual practice entirely.

Since the marriage sexual lifespan varies based upon agent circumstance, I thought it would be helpful to organize it into different age brackets and maintain their lives differently. 

Start of Marriage Life:

At the start of marriage life. Everyone’s love is so passionate.   In the start, the hormonal and physical vitality is at its prime. Problems like vaginal lubrication, difficulty with erections, or other physical limitations are rarely present. All these things all provide enjoyable moments for the couple. Too much use of  food or alcohol can ruin “sex night.” Sexual desire is less spontaneous. Sometimes it requires to be in a mood or create some emotions and feelings to create desire. By starting the sex act, you become mentally engaged with your partner.  When you were younger, the desire came first, and sexual practice is followed.

This sexual desire goes back to the concept of planning and doing. You should have a proper plan to have sex rather than waiting for your mood and desire to strike you. If you just get started, you will find out the passion, emotions, feeling, and a lot of fun. The planning technique persuades good results. A good lubricant should always be at the bedside. Even when you are hormonally optimized, women may have trouble achieving adequate lubrication because of thrill and first experience.

Sexual practice in different ages:

In sexual practice at different ages, people said that if you put a quarter under the mattress. Every time you make intimacy from your wedding night until your first anniversary. Later on, you pull out one part of the quarter, then the reduction in erotic zeal and passion of love increases and decreases with time.

Dr. Stephen Petteruti put forward the solutions to the decrease in the sexual passion that happens in most long-term marriages that are busy in their life routine work.

I often hear couples that they express the opinion that sex should be spontaneous. A life filled with money concerns, children’s care,  socially, and family responsibilities are just unrealistic. This falls under the heading, and people have to organize a “sex night” that produces feelings and emotions in the couple. Think about it that your wife, your husband, is important in your life and gives them beautiful moments and joys. The reminder should be set on the calendar according to the date nights. Plan your date; give maximum time to each other. Reminds the beautiful moments of marriage days and closeness, which was on an extreme level on those days.

Men at the age of 55 may experience their first moment of erectile failure. But a man has to handle the whole situation of the night. At this age, many people will need the help of a competent physician skilled in

Sex in this age range is still different, even when they are hormonally and nutritionally optimized. At the age of 55, if the couple is not in the youngest condition, their feelings and emotions are alive. They enjoy their nights while using health medicine. You should be prepared for your big night as you prepare yourself for a party night with full excitement. 

Life Circle:

Our life is moving in a circle. First, we are born, slowly grow up, go to school, educate ourselves, and fall in love. Love realizes the exact meaning of life. To hold on to someone for your entire life makes you so proud. The best feeling in the world is the feeling and emotions of love. So, maintain a closeness with your partner give more love and happiness to each other.

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