What Is a Vape Mod?: The Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vape Mod

It’s hard to overstate how popular vaping is in the US nowadays. Heck, a whopping 5% of all adults partake in this particular pastime. That means millions of people are sucking and blowing clouds of sweet-tasting vapor into the air every single day!

Of the many possible ways to vape, though, so-called “mods” are definitely some of the most popular. Want to find out all about these clever devices? Well, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for a comprehensive selection of vape mod facts and insights.

What Is a Vape Mod?

The first thing to know is that “mod” is short for “modified”. So, vape mods are literally enhanced versions of ordinary e-cigarettes and vape pens. Those modifications alter the vaping experience and take many forms, including (but by no means limited to):

  1. Larger batteries,
  2. Higher e-liquid capacity, and
  3. Special temperature controls.

Vape mods come in an array of shapes and styles (more on this later) and are favored by the vaping community for their power, versatility, and customizability.

How Do Vape Mods Work?

Vape mods function like most other devices in this industry. There’s a battery inside the mod that heats up a coil at the push of a button. The lifeblood of any vaping device, this coil proceeds to heat up the e-liquid inside (this is contained in what’s called the “atomizer”), turning it into delicious vapor for you to inhale!

The more power inside the device, the more vapor you’ll create.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Mods?

“Vape mod” is actually an umbrella term for a few different types of devices. To be specific, vape pens, pod systems, and box mods all fall within this overarching category. They vary in terms of size (from a mini mod to a massive one!), shape, function, pros, and cons (not to mention the actual vaping experience).

Vape pens are (as you’d expect) pen-shaped, simple and affordable, yet low-wattage. Pod systems are one step up: compact and discrete, utilizing “pods” of e-liquid. Box mods are bulkier, box-shaped, powerful, higher-tech, and the most expensive to boot!

What Are the Benefits of Vape Mods?

Vape mods are bigger and more expensive than other types of vaping devices (such as disposable cig-a-likes). However, the benefits far outweigh those costs! Depending on the specific product you purchase, you’ll appreciate:

  1. Higher power/wattage (and the giant plumes of vape that follow),
  2. Total customizability,
  3. Replaceable parts/components,
  4. Longer battery life (and the convenience this provides), and
  5. Consistent great flavor.

Remember These Vape Mod Facts

Vaping’s become extremely popular among adolescents and adults alike in America. Why? Because it tastes amazing, is a healthier alternative to ordinary cigarette smoking, and connects you to a community of fellow vaping enthusiasts in the process!

However, when you’re new to the pastime, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer array of vaping devices and terms you have to wrap your head! With any luck, though, the vape mod insights in this article will have cleared up some of the confusion. To continue your education on similar topics, browse the ‘Technology’ section of the website now.

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