Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

moving boxes

Are you planning on moving, but your budget does not allow you to buy moving boxes? Relocation is expensive, you can buy high quality packing Gaylord Boxes. However, did you know that there are various ways to get free moving boxes? Here are some of the best sources.

  1. Liquor stores– Go to your nearest liquor stores and ask for boxes with lids. Boxes from these stores tend to be small and sturdy, making them excellent for DVDs, CDs, and books.
  2. Craigslist– A simple search on the craigslist free section will give you results of free items. A recent survey of the NY’s Craigslist page showed almost 20 different sources of free moving boxes.
  3. Freecycle– Simply join your local group and search or put the word out to see whether there’s someone already offering moving boxes.
  4. Grocery stores– Go to your local grocery stores and ask whether they can give you their banana or apple boxes. These are especially great for moving delicate items.
  5. Bookstores– This is an excellent place to get free boxes, especially for packing books.
  6. Starbucks– I have worked here before, and I know that these joints will receive one or two shipments per week. So, there is a good chance they will have boxes you can use for moving available on a weekly basis. Since Starbucks boxes vary in size, ask them for the larger-sized ones, which are ideal for putting bulkier items.
  7. McDonald’s– The golden fries from McDonald’s are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes before they make their way into your Happy Meal. These boxes are sturdy and ideal for hauling heavy items that need a small-sized box. Since the original contents of these boxes are frozen, you will not have to worry about them being greasy or smelly.
  8. The Workplace– You can also consider asking your office manager or those at the loading dock whether they have any clean boxes not intended for use. If not, you can tell them the move date and ask them to keep several aside. These are just a few places to get free moving boxes.

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