6 Neat Gifts for Nature Lovers and Outdoorsy Types

Gifts for Nature Lovers

Over 50% of the United States population, regularly participates in outdoor recreation. With over 160.7 million Americans engaged in outdoor adventures, there is a huge market and many opportunities to get gifts for nature lovers.

Everyone has a nature junkie in their life. That one friend who would prefer to pitch a tent than stay in a resort. Keep reading for the inside scoop on great gifts for nature lovers.

  1. Solar Power Energy Bank

For your favorite overnight campers, a solar powered energy bank is the perfect functional gift. This gift can give you the assurance of never fully being off-grid. Without access to power outlets, a solar powered energy bank lets campers keep their phone’s charged.

  1. Camping Hammock With Net

Camping hammocks are a great way to elevate your outdoor experience. Not only does a collapsible camping hammock help nature-bound explorers travel light, but it also is a very comfortable lounging experience.

  1. Super Spectrum Supplies

The Super Spectrum line of products are a robust line of cannabinoids. CBD can help increase your endurance and stamina by supporting your respiratory system, making it a perfect gift for nature lovers in your life.

In fact, CBD use can actually help protect your brain from suffering during low oxygen levels. Cannabis’ impact on the body makes it a great addition to a hiking pack.

The Secret Nature Super Spectrum has more potency than most products on the market. Different products vary in CBD concentration, so be sure to shop around when picking your products.

  1. Camping Cookware Kit

Collapsible camping cookware kits can help you keep your pack tidy. These mess kits include a pot, pan, bowls, and silverware. Traveling with a compact cookware set you can cook meals on the go without adding too much weight to your hiking gear.

  1. Life Straw Water Bottle

The Life Straw water bottle is another functional gift. This bottle’s straw takes unpurified natural water and cleanse it of bacteria. The straw is able to successfully remove 90% of bacteria.

This gift is perfect for a long trail or hike, so you don’t have to load your pack with too much water. The Life Straw will let you replenish your water supply from lakes and streams.

  1. National Park Scratch Off Poster

To let your favorite nature lovers display their treks, you can gift them a national park poster. Displaying one’s travels helps to recapture the feeling of adventure even when you are home.

These posters come with a pre-curated list of the national parks to visit. Once the owner visits, they can scratch it off to reveal a fun illustration. So not only will this make beautiful wall décor, but is a great challenge to complete.

Get the Best Gifts for Nature Lovers

With outdoor recreation on the rise, the bandwidth of these gifts for nature lovers is also expanding. It’s time to start giving nature lovers functional gifts that will help them cherish and enjoy their escapades.

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