First-Time for Fertilizing: How to Fertilize Lawns

how to fertilize lawns

According to allied market research, the lawn and garden consumables market will reach $26.3 billion by 2030. This projection represents a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% between 2021 and 2030.

It’s essential to learn how to fertilize lawns so you can control weeds. Modern types of lawn fertilizers have treatments that help prevent weeds’ growth.

Lawn fertilization can also boost the disease resistance of your grass. Giving your grass the correct nutrients to grow strong makes it less vulnerable to disease attacks, especially to the roots.

This article provides a guide on how to fertilize lawns for homeowners.

Examine Your Soil’s Temperature

You will achieve the best result in fertilizing your lawns during the spring season. During this period, the soil’s temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can notice this when your grass starts to grow.

Alternatively, you can buy a soil thermometer to measure your soil’s temperature. Your first lawn fertilization should be around the end of April or towards the beginning of May.

Understand the Figures

There are three different types of numbers that you’ll find on the fertilizer bags when doing your shopping. These figures represent the nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium percentages, respectively.

For instance, a 20-10-10 fertilizer will have 20% nitrogen, 10% phosphate, and 10% potassium. Your fertilizer bag also contains filler material that allows for the even application of your lawn fertilizers.

It’s recommendable to use the basic mix of 20-5-10 lawn fertilizers during the spring application season.

Buy Slow-Release Fertilizers

These types of lawn fertilizers break down their nutrients over an extensive period. That way, you can wait longer between lawn fertilizer applications. So, you save both time and money.

Your slow-release lawn fertilizers should not have too much nitrogen content. Your lawn might need up to one-tenth of a pound of nitrogen weekly.

Exceeding this amount will make your grass grow faster, implying that you’ll need lawn mowing services often.

How Often Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

It’s advisable to plan for five applications. Your first application should be towards the end of April. The second lawn fertilizer application should follow at least four weeks after your first lawn fertilization.

Around this time, your grass has already started to show some change. Your third, fourth, and fifth applications should follow after six to eight weeks until October.

It’s advisable to use an organic fertilizer like manure on your third application. It’s also essential for lawn fertilization during the fall season.

During this time, your grass grows deep into the soil, so it’ll need fertilizer to grow. During fall, your lawn fertilizer should have higher phosphorous and potassium to boost root growth.

Holmes Lawn & Pest can help you understand more about how to use lawn fertilizer.

How to Fertilize Lawns

You can choose to fertilize your lawns by yourself or hire a lawn care service company. The availability of many lawn care services can make it challenging to choose the best.

You should seek referrals from your family, friends, and neighbors. It would help to hire a lawn care service company close to your home.

Understanding how to fertilize lawns is essential to preserve the beauty of your grass and compound.

Explore this page for more tips on how to get green grass.

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