What Is Overseeding? The Basics for a Healthy Lawn

What Is Overseeding

If you’re a homeowner, you likely take pride in your lawn. You want it to be healthy, green, and inviting. However, while you perform standard upkeep, you’re looking to do more; you’re looking to make your lawn as luscious and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

This is where overseeing can make a world of difference. What is overseeding a lawn? We’re going to cover the basics of it below, showing you just how to achieve the optimal lawn.

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What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of adding additional seed to an already established lawn. It occurs without the tearing up of the lawn or the ripping up of grass. New seed is simply dropped on top of the lawn where it slowly works its way into the soil.

There are a number of methods for overseeding. However, the most common method is to use a lawn overseeder.

What is a lawn overseeder? It’s a lawnmower-style machine that you push. You fill it with grass seed which it drops as it’s moving. With an overseeder, you can overseed your entire lawn in an hour or less.

The Benefits of Overseeding

There are a number of benefits that come with overseeding a lawn. The most prominent of these benefits are as follows.

Fill In Patchy Areas

If yours is like many lawns, it contains various patchy areas throughout its confines. These areas can leave your lawn looking thin and weak. Therefore, you might want to fill them in with additional grass.

This is where overseeding can be a big help. By overseeding your lawn, these areas will become filled. As a result, your lawn will take on a dense and flowing appearance. If you want to achieve a green lawn, overseeding will benefit you mightily.

Stave Off Weeds

Another big benefit to overseeding is that it helps stave off weeds. How does it do this? By providing competition for vital water and nutrients.

Think about it. The more grass seed that exists, the more competitors weeds are going to have for the nutrients that they need. This means they’ll obtain less of these nutrients and will die out as a result.

Minimize Erosion

Erosion is when water moves the soil from one place to another over time. It can shift the appearance of a lawn and can also negatively affect the plants that grow within that lawn. Because of this, erosion should be combatted as much as possible.

A great way to combat erosion is to overseed your lawn. In doing so, your grass will grow thicker. This thickness will regulate the flow of water, ensuring that it does only minimal damage to the soil.

Overseeding Is Simple and Effective

And there it is, an answer to the question of “what is overseeding?” As you can see, this method provides a number of benefits. Simple and effective, anyone can do it!

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