A Guide to Safe Toys for Children

Toys for Children

With the growing competition in markets, toy manufacturers focus more on increasing profits and production rates. In the process, many have begun compromising on the quality and safety of toys.

Children are sensitive, and with a range of new allergies discovered, one must be careful about the toys they purchase.

There are harmful toxins in the pigments and materials that toy manufacturers use, which are more dangerous because kids usually start biting their toys.

The only safe solution is finding a natural alternative to such toys. Wooden toys for kids are safe, cute, and mentally stimulating, and here is a guide detailing why.

Risks Associated with Toys for Toddlers


It is no discovery that plastics are not safe for consumption. Yet, over 80% of all manufactured toys contain plastic. As children gnaw on these toxic plastic toys, bits can break off and be ingested, and if sharp, can damage their organs. Out of 419 chemicals used in manufacturing such plastic, 126 of these can harm a child, even leading to cancer.

Moreover, hard plastics are prone to cracking, and this exposes children to dangerously sharp edges.

Small Parts

Many toys like barbie dolls and toy cars have small removable pieces associated with them. These pieces are easily ingestible and can lead to choking. While toy cars may seem harmless, attached parts such as wheels tend to break off.

Lack of Learning

Children learn the most in their formative years. Most toys for toddlers introduce them to shapes and knowledge. However, toys like cars and dolls have no lessons to teach. A child requires adequate mental stimulation through play challenges.

Wooden Toys

These wooden toys for kids provide safe and healthier alternatives to mass-produced plastic and metal toys. They are coloured with natural or safe pigments or left in their natural shade. They also range from educational to stackable and have a cute aesthetic perfect for children.

Benefits of purchasing Wooden Toys


Plastic chokes nature and is unsafe for children as well. Its production leaves a significant footprint on the environment through carbon emissions and its non-biodegradable nature.

On the other hand, wood is a material offered by nature, and it does not harm the environment. By supporting such toy manufacturers, one can embrace Mother Nature and all she has to offer.


As with all naturally sourced products, wooden toys are safe. All pieces are block-type and do not break to form sharp edges. Wooden toy manufacturers also ensure that toy pieces are large and made from a single block to ensure no breakaway parts.

These make the toy safe to be gnawed upon and unable to lead to choking hazards.


From shape puzzles to Bongo drums, one can provide their child with a range of stimulation – both educational and entertaining. Child-safe building blocks and stacking blocks can keep one from worrying about their child’s mental development and physical safety.

Easy Cleaning

When kids begin to gnaw and teeth their toys, hygiene becomes very crucial. Wooden toys are easy to clean and only require a good wiping down with a vinegar and water solution. One can also use mild cleansers or gentle soap to clean these toys.


Wooden toys have a longer lifespan than plastic ones. Applying a new coat of natural, safe paint can make the toy look brand new. Its durability also allows one to donate or pass down the toy, making it a very environment-friendly option!

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