A Guide to the Different Types of Ammunition

Types of Ammunition

In 2022, about 77.49 million American adults own at least one gun.

Do you want to get into shooting? Do you wonder what all the different types of ammunition are? While learning about firearms is essential, you must know about ammunition first!

Before you buy your first firearm and venture into the shooting world, you should learn about ammunition. You want to know about the types of ammunition before you show up at the gun range.

Check out this guide to learn about the most popular ammunition options before you begin.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

FMJ is a projectile with a soft core, usually lead, surrounded by a hard outer casing of steel or other metal. This type of ammunition is often identified by its distinctive “full metal jacket” design. They are often used for range shooting, training, target practice, and defensive purposes.

FMJ is commonly used in small firearms, such as handguns and rifle calibers, but you can also use it in high-powered sniper and assault rifle calibers. A key advantage of FMJ ammunition is its low cost and wide availability relative to other types of ammunition.

Furthermore, check out brass ammunition if you’re interested in saving money in getting ammo. Many people prefer brass ammo because it is lightweight and cheap. If you need more info, consult a certified gun store.

Hollow Point (HP)

HP ammunition is designed for hunting, target practice, and self-defense. The round head contains a hollow cavity, which expands on contact with the target during impact. It decreases over-penetration risk and provides controlled expansion in soft tissue.

They are also designed to reduce the ricochet risk, a common issue associated with complete metal jacket rounds. It is essential to ensure the firearm is compatible with the ammunition brand and caliber.

Soft Point (SP)

It is an ammo that combines a full metal jacket and hollow point ammo. It is because the center of the bullet has a soft lead material. It allows for a better impact expansion and makes hunting more effective.

This type of ammo is not recommended for self-defense because of its larger size and slower velocity. SP ammo is usually more accurate than FMJ ammo and is available in almost any caliber.

Furthermore, the soft lead reduces penetration and increases the shock value upon impact. You can even use the soft point ammo against more challenging targets such as pigs, deer, and sheep. The only downside of this ammo is that it is slightly more expensive than FMJ ammo.

Ballistic Tip (BT)

This ammunition is designed for hunting, not target shooting, as the projectile does not remain as stable in flight as regular rounds. The polymer tip also makes the round more aerodynamic, increasing accuracy at a distance and providing consistent performance in most weather conditions.

Furthermore, the polymer tip also helps ensure humane kills when used for larger games. The polymer tip provides enough force to penetrate a target animal’s hide and vital organs.

Be a Responsible Gun Owner by Knowing the Different Types of Ammunition

Efficient and economical shooting requires considering the gun’s purpose, barrel length, and range. With the right ammo, you’ll have the confidence and performance to hit your mark. For further guidance on selecting the correct types of ammunition, consult a gun store expert.

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