The Advantages of Using Handwritten Donor Letters for Nonprofit Organizations

Handwritten Donor Letters

One key factor in growing a nonprofit organization is to have loyal supporters and donors. It is through donations that an organization or a charity can work towards their objectives and causes. Being able to create a positive rapport with donors will definitely be beneficial in achieving your nonprofit organization’s goals.

Having a meaningful communication where you are able to express your message with such authenticity will bridge the gap of unfamiliarity with your prospective and existing donors. Getting your organization’s message across through an effective platform is the key to a successful partnership and maintaining long-term relationship in the process.

In today’s digitally driven world where notes and letters are electronically sent, having an extraordinary way of sending your organization’s messages and updates is a key advantage. A personalized handwritten donor letter like the Handwrytten nonprofit direct mail makes a huge difference and here are the reasons why:

Showcases your organization’s character and values

Digital forms of communications are the usual preference where everything is done quickly and more conveniently. Using keystroked words in a letter is definitely the easiest way but it lacks the sincerity of imparting what your organization would like to express. Why not take the opportunity to highlight your nonprofit organization’s virtues in a more unusual but extra special manner? Sending out personalized handwritten donor letters is more appropriate when sending out communications. The extra effort in creating a personalized note is indicative of your organization’s character which will be more meaningful to the recipient.

Builds more meaningful connections

In any type of business transaction, more so in a nonprofit organization and charity, building meaningful connections is important in developing long-term relationship with donors. Making your communications in a personal level through handwritten notes and cards can make a difference in terms of building a solid foundation with donors. This will show sincerity and genuine desire to reach out which would be valuable in expressing that benefactors and supporters are important in the causes your organization is passionate about.

Portrays professionalism in a creative way

Electronically crafted messages such as emails, SMS or instant messaging are useful in terms of speed. However, these type of communication platforms will most likely end up in spam formers in email or simply be overlooked by recipients. If you want to show professionalism, especially when asking or acknowledging donations, it is best to go an extra mile by sending handwritten letters for donors. A personalized donor letter not only shows professionalism but can also showcase your organization’s creativity in terms of presenting a neatly handwritten letter.

Commands attention and can generate a reply

Although emails and instant messaging are a faster way in communicating, personalized handwritten letters are noticed right away with much higher chances of getting read and generating a reply. Compared to emails or instant messaging which have a great tendency to get ignored or unintentionally left unread, a handwritten letter for donor will certainly get noticed right away since it is rare to get personalized letters these days. Aside from being read immediately, handwritten letters are advantageous in instances that you need to share some important information to donors.

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