CBD Gummies – Benefits for Sleep and Anxiety, But Different Than Hemp Gummies

CBD Gummies

Edibles made from Cannabis plants are gaining traction across the country. With a variety of different terms and uses, it’s helpful to know exactly what you’re buying and how to use it. One of the more common confusions is the difference between CBD gummies and hemp gummies.

While both are often lumped together, their effects and intended uses are not the same. It’s important for consumers to get the right edible for their intent.

What are the differences?

The most obvious difference is that they are made from different parts of a cannabis plant. CBD gummies are made from oil derived from the leaves and stems of the plant. It’s isolated so there isn’t any THC involved, even though THC can be found in the plant.

Hemp gummies on the other hand are made from the oil of the plant seeds. They may both be from the same family of plants, but their actual composition is not the same and leads to different effects.

There are already baby steps being made to get these substances into FDA-approved medicines. A drug that is used to treat epilepsy contains some of the same ingredients. Expect to hear about more of these new drugs as more research is done on the substances.

Specifically, the intended uses of the two edibles are not the same. Hemp gummies are very well known as an anti-inflammatory so they are great at reducing swelling. Another affect this has is some pain relief benefits, so people suffering from something like arthritis can use it as an alternative option.

Additionally, they are also fairly nutritious. They contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can be hard to get enough of in some people’s diets.

As for CBD gummies, the intended effects are quite different. The most common use is as an anxiety reliever. It’s become commonplace for those who have high stress to take them as a way to stay calmer than they would without them. Because they contain no THC though, this doesn’t mean the escape is from getting high. Rather it’s just like turning down the volume on how anxious somebody might get.

Along with that, it’s also become more popular as a sleep aide. Sleep issues are a concern for a huge amount of people in the country, and this is an alternative method to test out. There aren’t scientific studies on how effective they are, but from word of mouth they’ve grown in use.

While these edibles have their intended uses, some users might be more interested in something that does have some kind of high involved.


For those who are looking for a more mind-altering substance that mimics the effects of THC, there are other options.

Take the herb kratom as an example. The substance is legal and easily available nearly everywhere. It has not been ruled on by the FDA yet, so it isn’t federally illegal.

It’s made from a tree that’s native to southeast Asia and is often consumed as a leaf or a ground-up leaf. 

The effects are similar to opioids and stimulants. So, some who are attempting to steer away from more harmful drugs find it as a useful alternative that has fewer side effects.

There are still no conclusive studies on the effects of the herb. It’s a hotly debated topic about the harmfulness of its use. We likely won’t have any answers to these until scientific studies have been completed. 

Until that happens, users should use their own caution with the substance.  Watch the video for a man’s experience, using Kratom for 60 days.

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