Marketing Tips for Wholesalers

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If you are a wholesaler, you are what is known as the middle-man – the company that buys from the manufacturer and sells to either the retailer and there will be a lot of competition from other local providers, which means you need to provide second-to-none service.

Understanding B2B

Business to business is very different to retailing and the best way to find new customers is to join forces with a digital marketing agency that has B2B experience. You need to identify potential customers and put together ads that they will see and the digital marketing company would create an aggressive marketing campaign that targets potential businesses. If you are looking for a range of electrical goods in factory for sale, there are several ways that you can find such manufacturers.

Federations & Associations

You should have listings with all of the industry regulatory bodies, as members used this list to source wholesalers; if you have yet to do this, you should make it a priority, as this can be a very effective way to make contact with retailers. Click here for tips on single-person start-ups, which might help.

Mailing Lists

The in-house marketing team can focus on creating mailing lists and there are many ways of obtaining business contact information; building these lists over time should give you regular enquiries, which should lead to forming a business relationship.

Cold Calling

You could use the services of a call centre and have remotely located receptionists using your script, which is a great way to source new customers. Interested business owners can be appointed for you to have a video conference at a later date, or you could mail them your catalogue and this type of campaign can be very productive.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

One of the best B2B marketing areas, you should reserve some space at all trade shows held in your country and with the right promotional content and a team of good salespeople, you should make a lot of new business relationships, even if they are not productive at first, many will become your customer at some point in the future. It might be that a representative takes your promo pack and a few months down the line, they are let down by a supplier and decide to give you a shot. Here is some Board of Investment, Thailand information, should you be setting up a new business.

LinkedIn Marketing

The powerful digital platform called LinkedIn can provide you with many business contacts that might lead to customers and if your business is not registered with this platform, you should make that a priority. Regardless of the industry, LinkedIn in a huge network and customers would also be registered and there are powerful online tools to reach target businesses. Ask a leading SEO agency to manage your LinkedIn account and you can make the most from this very productive platform.

The above are just a few strategies to help you make all the right connections and with the help of a leading SEO agency, you can find new customers to build for a secure future.

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