Are AirPods Waterproof?

Airpods Waterproof

AirPods are the Apple’s wireless Bluetooth earbuds and sold along with the premium AirPods Pro. These earbuds feature a built-in microphone which filters the background noise and lets every phone call and talking to Siri, digital assistance of the Apple. Users of this product can use it to play audio and take advantage of built-in accelerometers and optical sensors which detect taps and in-ear placement to let automatic pausing when these earbuds are taken out of the ears.

Almost every beginner to the AirPods thinks about whether these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are waterproof or not. They have to understand that AirPods are not waterproof. The manufacturer of these earbuds makes no claims regarding them being water resistant.

Focus on important aspects of AirPods

Different holes in the AirPods allow water in. If you like to cover such holes, then you can make use of the steel mesh which offers some resistance and generate the high water surface tension.  This steel mesh must not let water to get in the holes of AirPods. Apple’s AirPods are sweat resistant.

Users of these wireless Bluetooth earbuds can engage in running without worry about any damage to their earbuds. On the other hand, they are advised not to use these earbuds in a hot yoga class.  You may have an idea to swim with AirPods in. You have to understand that these earbuds fall out of ears in the deep. You must avoid using these earbuds while swimming.

Regular users of the AirPods think about what happens when their Bluetooth wireless earbuds get wet in the rain. If they keep their earbuds in the rain accidentally, then they must dry them out as soon as possible. This is because this approach increases the possibilities to let the AirPods work as usual. You can use the AirPods in the shower, but not every so often. You must take these earbuds off and towel dries them after your shower.

Experts in the AirPods throughout the world these days ensure that these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are not waterproof and not suggest wearing them in the swimming pool, in the rain and in the shower. Easy-to-understand details about how to properly use and maintain the AirPods assist you to make a well-informed decision to get very good amusement.

Get an array of benefits

There are so many differences between the water resistant and waterproof nature of the AirPods. If any device is waterproof, then it is not possible for water to get inside such a device and cause damage regardless of how long and deep the device is underwater. Any AirPods from Apple is not waterproof. A water resistance device stops water from getting inside it for a particular time or a depth of water.

The IP rating system is used to measure water resistance nature. Though the AirPods Pros has the water resistance rate IPX4, standard AirPods are not water resistant. If you use the AirPods Pro, then you can ensure that your earbuds are water, sweat and rain resistant. Standard AirPods are not rain, sweat or water resistant.  Keep in mind that water resistant seals of the AirPods Pro degrade over time.

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