How to Create a Youtube Channel

create a youtube channel

Are you looking for how to create a youtube channel easily, then you are here to find a quick guide. Everyone wants to earn money online and YouTube definitely becoming the easy source. As Youtube really supporting everyone’s talent and if you are really passionate about it, then it is an easy way to make money online. Still don’t know for many people how to create a Youtube account and to earn from it. Here we sharing the quick and easy way to create your own Youtube or private business channel to make money from it.

Click Here to Create a Youtube Channel

You will be taken to the page which is asking – need to create a personal channel or brand custom channel. However, if you are looking forward, how to create a private youtube channel – then you can select the custom option. Or else, you can pick the “use your name” option for proceeding with the personal channel.

create a youtube channel

How to Create a Youtube Channel with easy simple steps

The idea of how to create a new youtube channel is finding a quick guide here with us. Furthermore, it will be a quick and easy process and you don’t want to get frustrated with it. Besides, the main thing for creating a YouTube channel is –

You should have a Google account which is verified by phone number. However, the chances of removal of account are high from the side of Google, if phone verification is undone. Besides, it is just a matter of time to make sure the Google to know – it’s a genuine account and not robots.

What to do after choosing the Custom Name

Well, less than a minute is task is there to complete once you select the custom name as shown in the above image. How to create a youtube channel name task is finding an answer here with. A box will be opened as like as below shown and you may need to fill up the following. First task is to Enter your Youtube channel name – Type it successfully by cross checking the spelling and all. We can change the channel name anytime, however, if you are entering something unique, let it be unchanged.

enter your channel name here

One you successfully entered the same – you will be taken to a new tab. However, there you need to  –

  • Upload the channel picture with respect to the resolution shown.
  • Describe whats your channel for.
  • If you got any website related, you can enter and also able to add the social media pages as well.

You can save and continue to upload your faovoutire collection to your channel you created on Youtube.

How to create a youtube channel and make money

Everyone comes up with a confusion – how to create a youtube channel and make money? However, the first stage of Youtube channel creation has been done and now its your turn to upload your talents to your channel. If you are best in cooking, make sure, your channel represents cooking updates regularly. If you a travel blogger, makes sure, your Vlogs representing that. Furthermore, users always loves the creative videos and if you are able to upload the same, your view count and the watch hours, subscribers will be hiked.

When you find that your watch hours is more than 4000 hours and you got 1000 subscribers at any moment. You will be for sure getting an email from youtube mentioning you are eligible for monetization.

What is youtube monetization?

Youtube monetization is nothing but enabling Google ads on the youtube platform. You can able to monetize and connect Google adsense account with your Youtube channel. If you find like as said above the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you will finding ads getting appearing on your videos.

On the basis of location views and watch hours, you will be getting earnings. Along with impressions and click on the ads running on your video, it will be calculated. Hope you understand how do you create a youtube channel? Moreover, how to earn money from Youtube.

Conclusion –

If you got any confusion on any How to Create a Youtube Channel as well as making money from Youtube, feel free to get in touch with us. Team Radiobond will be helping you for sure to get the complete idea about the same.

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