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Jayda Wayda

Jayda  Wayda is also known by name of Jayda Cheaves/Jayda chaves and  Amour Chaves. You might be thinking how old is jayda wayda or the jayda wayda age.Biggest instagram celebrity ishere for the talk today. Jayda wayda net worth an everything covers along with this. She is a businesswoman, social media star, model as well as a writer. The lady was born in Savannah, Georgia.

Jayda Wayda All you need to know

She went to Windsor Forest High School. She has been a creative person. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. Her mother’s name is Tricia Chaves, and she has 2 siblings. She has a brother who is a social media personality and a sister named Len and Ameerah is a beauty expert.

Jayda Wayda is an entrepreneur and YouTube star. She has a great passion for clothing, beauty, and hair care. She started her clothing, hair care, and Beauty Company. The lady started selling clothes on Poshmark, an app, and website.  Later, she took over Amour Jayda LLC. She owns Amour Jayda LLC. Obviously, She is also well known for her YouTube channel with a big following. She sells apparel, bundles, hair accessories, and hair products on her site. Her manufactured hair is top quality 100% human hair not chemically processed and has all the hair cuticles intact. She provides high-end hair systems for men and women in bulk and works with more than ten years of experience.  She has grown immensely through her social media influence and a well known for her YouTube channel.

Jayda Wayda was dating Lil Baby, a renowned rapper. She was in a relationship with him for a long and gave birth to a baby boy. The couple was together for a few years before they broke up. She is not dating anyone currently. She has more than 342K subscribers, on youtube where she uploads videos about her family. She has approx. 9.8 million views on the channel and about 515k followers.  Moreover, she has about 6 million Instagram followers. The estimation of her net worth is around $4 million.

 Some interesting facts and secrets about her

  •  She is a native of Georgia, United States.
  •  She works as an Instagram star and has gained global recognition.
  • ‘The Young Boss’ was penned by Jayda Wayda.
  •  The produces videos on makeup, health, and fashion and also promotes her brand on her youtube channel.
  •  She has about 1.3 m followers on Tik Tok.
  •  She has around 6.6 m followers on Instagram.
  •  The lady has also modeled for many popular brands.
  •  Also liked for her curvy figure and perfectly shaped body.
  •  Fond of expensive jewelry collections.
  •  Well maintained her body by going regularly working out at the gym.
  • Enjoys shopping with her son.
  • She also owns a cute dog.

Wrapping it up

The lady gets an opportunity to pursue the most success with her cosmetic and hair care offerings at a very early age.  She has a big inspiration for the generation and young women.  She motivates all such ladies aspiring to fulfill their entrepreneurs. Moreover, she also attracted many entrepreneurs.

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