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Leicht Perlig

Leicht Perlig and you might know her Instagram through Softsparkling instead. She is a popular Russian Instagram star and a Vlogger who shares the lifestyle video with her following. More than 1.6 million fans on Insta and Youtube channel with 100K followers. She gained popularity recently by sharing awesome images with her fans on Instagram and youtube. Everything talks about her lifestyle and she is bringing the maximum attention now.

Leicht Perlig Net Worth and Career

While talking about the Networth, as per the source on the internet it’s around $800k USD. As a matter of fact, Softsparkling has some other sources of income other than Youtube and Instagram.

Her beauty is really managed with no alcohol usage, she is not a smoker and she is an excellent yoga participant. Well, she is not a fitness expert, other than yoga practices. Being a 31 years old woman, she is really doing her best in this industry.

Biography and Facts

As she is a Russian and not a model or an actor, sharing her Lifestyle stories on Instagram as a 31-year-old woman is so much amazing. The way of presentation through her video and the photos was found to be so much sizzling by her fans.

Even with a single photo or even a video, she is getting very much attention from her followers. Well, every video sounds unique and looks like she is a content king on Youtube and Instagram. Well, followers are gaining day by as because of women with lifestyle videos. Obviously, it will become a time trend and millions of people are ready to watch.

As the users are ready to watch any video posted on Youtube and Instagram, As the content from Leicht Perling will be bringing better attention to amazing the all over. As a matter of fact, Russia is really becoming the attention of everyone. Still not ending her facts, will be updated shortly as per the latest update on Leicht Perlig.

Summing up

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