Personal Injury Claims: 5 Steps to Take if You Suffer an Injury

Personal Injury Claims

Did you know that 3 million people are injured in car accidents in the US every year? Add that to workplace injuries, malpractice incidents at hospitals, and the many other accidents that can happen every day and there are a significant number of Americans who may need to make personal injury claims.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation. So, what do you need to do after an accident to make a claim? Take a look at everything you need to know.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you should do after an accident is to seek medical attention. Even if you feel well, it’s important to go to the hospital. When you’ve been in an accident, the adrenaline and shock can mask the pain of an injury so it’s common for many people to not realize they’ve been injured until a few hours later.

Not only will you be treated for your injuries but there will also be a record of your hospital visit which can be used as evidence for your personal injury settlement.

Gather Evidence

When you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you’ll want to think about is gathering evidence. However, if you can take pictures of the scene, it may help your attorney to argue your case. Additionally, get any copies of police reports or medical reports sent to you for your attorney to refer to.

If you’ve had to pay for medication or lost income because you’ve had to take time off work, be sure to save receipts and wage slips as evidence too.

Contact an Attorney

To file a personal injury claim, it’s important to find an attorney with experience in fighting for compensation for your type of injury. Not every personal injury lawyer will have the same background. Your lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a valid case and if you’re entitled to compensation.

Many injury lawyers work on a no-win, no-fee basis so they only get paid if you win. This means you don’t have to worry about being out of pocket to fight your corner.

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

In many cases, insurance companies will contact a claimant and make an offer for compensation. These offers should never be taken. They’re often much lower than they should be but many claimants don’t have the negotiation skills to get what they deserve. Let your lawyer speak on your behalf so you can be sure you get exactly what you’re owed.

Making Personal Injury Claims

Making personal injury claims isn’t just about being financially compensated for what you’ve been through. It’s about ensuring that the person who injured you doesn’t make the same mistake as anyone else. No one deserves to be the victim of someone else’s negligence.

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