10 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Yoga Studio

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There is no doubt that the craze around Yoga is growing in the United States. Yoga studios are cropping up in neighborhoods across the country.

Medical institutions are doctors are coming forward in establishing the benefits of practicing yoga daily.

Consciousness around health and fitness issues has grown, especially because of social media platforms. If you are someone that is looking to start practicing yoga, you have two major options in front of you.

You can either-

  • Join the local yoga studio in your locality. Or,
  • Opt for online classes that are done on platforms like Zoom.

However, for individuals looking to take up yoga, choosing the right studio or training center is an important aspect to consider.

In this article, we are going to look at ten factors that should be considered before choosing a yoga studio. We take help from certified trainers from a leading yoga studio in Portland, Oregon.

List of 10 Factors to Consider before Choosing a Yoga Studio

  • Decide on Your Goals for Pursuing Yoga- 

One of the first things you need to begin with asking yourself an important question- why do you want to start yoga?

Whether you are looking to pursue it to increase strength, or you want to reduce stress, the goals of yoga can be diverse. You need to have a clear understanding of what exactly do you want to achieve by pursuing yoga.

This fitness regimen requires a long-term commitment, dedication, and commitment. Are you ready to do that?

  • The Location of the Yoga Studio- 

Going for physical classes is always better than opting for online ones. If you have decided to go for physical classes, you need to evaluate the location of the studio or centers.

Do not opt for one that is located far off from your home or office. Minimal traveling is something you should aim for. In other words, distance should never be an impediment to you going to the classes.

Any time you need to seek consultation, you should easily be able to visit the studio.

  • Checking the Certifications and Registrations of the Yoga Studio

At no point do you want to go for a studio or training center that is unregistered or not certified? You need to look for an RYS or a Registered Yoga School.

This means that after the completion of the course, the studio will be able to provide you with a formal completion certificate. Yoga is a discipline where you move from one advanced stage to another.

This is something that can also help you in professional pursuits. Your next-door yoga teacher might not be a good option.

  • The Quality and Expertise of the Yoga Trainer/Expert- 

Just like the yoga studio that needs to be registered, you need to look for an RYT or Registered Yoga Trainer.

When it comes to teaching yoga, there are three levels- beginner, intermediate, and expert. A certified yoga practitioner works hard to undertake training and certifications that allow them to be the best at what they do.

The right teacher will be able to guide you both mentally and physically and take into consideration any existing conditions you might have.

  • The Type of Yoga Training you are opting for- 

In recent years, yoga studios that offer specialized courses for pregnant women, or lay emphasis on strength training are coming from. This factor is connected with the first point.

You need to find a studio that is able to address what you are expecting after practicing yoga. If you want to reduce stress, you need to look for a studio that lays specific emphasis on the same.

On the other hand, if you want to practice yoga to help in your pregnancy, you need a studio for that.

  • Look at the Class Timings and whether they fit in your daily schedule- 

Even if you are able to tick off the above five points, if the class timings are not according to your convenience, you will not be able to manage.

Yoga studios offer classes in different batches. If you are someone that is looking at a morning schedule, you need to figure out the availability of the same.

If the class timings do not match, you will not be able to follow this regularly. Ensure that the timings do not clash with your personal or professional commitments.

  • Check out the Fee Structure and Affordability- 

Instagram is rife with images of celebrities rushing in and out of high-end Yoga studios. However, these studios charge a lot of money.

This is not to say that the other affordable ones are substandard. You need to look at the fee structure, the payment terms and evaluate whether it fits in your budget or not.

You do not have to break the bank to avail classes in a good and reputed yoga studio. Do your research and evaluate your options accordingly.

  • Evaluate the Online Reviews and Ratings of the Yoga Studio- 

You do not want to take yoga classes in a studio that has a rating of ‘One’ on Yelp. It is always a good idea to do your research about the studio on online platforms.

For example, you can check out the studio’s GMB pages, go through their social media profiles, and evaluate their ratings on listing sites.

This will give you a fair idea of the credibility of the yoga studio. If you see a rating of 4 and above, you can rest assured that the studio is a good one.

  • Look for Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation levels- 

Most modern yoga studios are equipped with a change and shower area. However, in this day and age, where safety and hygiene are of paramount importance, you need to consider them aggressively.

Visit the bathrooms, the shower as well as the changing area. Look at how clean it is. Enquire around whether the floor is cleaned and mopped regularly or not?

You do not want to go for something unhygienic that might make you fall sick later on.

  • The Vibe, Feel, and Energy of the Yoga Studio- 

As you know, yoga is all about maintaining harmony between the mind and body. This is why experts recommend choosing classes in studios that radiate positivity, freshness, and energy.

If you feel that the overall vibe is missing, you should avoid going to such a location. Maintaining a positive vibe has a lot to do with the trainers, the owners as well as your fellow students.

This is something that is often overlooked by many. Ensure you are checking for this factor.

The Bottom Line

Practicing yoga is more like a ‘way of life’. It helps an individual benefit in multiple ways. Whether you are someone who wants to address your erratic sleeping patterns or are looking to work on your mental health, yoga is the best possible option for you.

If you have any more questions on choosing the best yoga studios or require clarifications on any of the points mentioned in the article, let us know in the comments below. We will be more than happy to address as many of your concerns as possible.

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