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When you do business with a repairer of household appliances or electronics, the law provides that he must provide you with a written estimate for a repair of $ 50 or more carried out on certain goods.

An evaluation to respect

Once you have accepted the valuation, the repairer cannot demand more money than what appears on the valuation.

The evaluation must be submitted before carrying out the work. The repairer may charge a fee to perform this assessment but must notify you before doing so.

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Devices covered by the law

The protection regime of the Consumer Protection Act applies to a repair for the following devices:

  • cooker.
  • fridge.
  • freezer.
  • dishwasher.
  • microwave oven.
  • washer.
  • dryer.
  • audio devices (stereo system, etc.)
  • audio video devices (television, VCR, DVD player, etc.)
  • computer and its peripherals (mouse, printer, etc.)
  • air conditioner
  • dehumidifier.
  • heat pump.

Other household and electronic appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, grinders, and food processors, are not part of the list of household and electronic appliances within the meaning of the  Consumer Protection Act. When repairing them, nothing obliges the repairer to provide you with an evaluation or a warranty.

The content of the assessment of a repair

The written evaluation must include the nature and the total price of the repair to be carried out as well as the following information:

  • your name and address;
  • the name and address of the repairer;
  • the description of the device to be repaired;
  • the date and period of validity of the assessment.

The repair guarantee

The 3-month period is calculated from the delivery of the device. If you find a malfunction after the repair and the warranty period has not expired, the repairer should make the necessary corrections free of charge.

The repairer’s refusal to return your repaired device to you

If you don’t pay for the repair, the repairer can hold your device until you pay for it. It is prohibited for him to retain your device:

  • if he did not provide you with an evaluation before repairing the device; or
  • if you paid him the amount indicated in the appraisal (plus any other amount to which you subsequently agreed).

Recourse in the event of a problem

If you believe that the repairer has not respected his obligations, you, as a consumer, have certain remedies.

If the repairer made a repair without your permission and it exceeded the price specified in the appraisal, you retain your remedies even if you have already paid for it to recover your device.

In accordance with the warranty conditions, in the event of a device malfunction, “there are repair companies who may choose the method of performance of the warranty service between free repair, replacement by an equivalent product or reimbursement of the price paid”.  

So, it could be said that a person can find a good appliance repair shop which best suits them. Moreover, it should get done in time to avoid any kind of inconvenience related to the appliance in future. It is suggested to find one near you!

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