Five Best Words to End a Bad Date

Five Best Words to End a Bad Date


Dating is something that creates excitement as well as nervousness in each of us. This is an opportunity to put forward the best steps and present yourself the best.

Enjoying a luxurious meal under the bright night sky with stars is the romantic atmosphere that awaited. But what if the person you’re dating isn’t interesting at all or isn’t great at conversation? Of course, this makes you wonder to make you no longer want to date him. Then, what to say at the end of a date when you have no intention of seeing it again? As reported by the Times of India, the following words ‘fun’ that you can express at the end of the meeting without becoming evil.

1. “I’ll call you sometime!”

This is a good sentence to say at the end of a date without specifying when you will talk back to him. This sentence is so subtle that the words are clear enough that you don’t want to see them again.

2. “Thank you for the drink!”

This statement makes it clear that you like food and drink, but not the person who gives you a drink. Thanking her and not expressing other dating intentions is a good and appropriate way to express your plans.

3. “Let me know after you get home”

After saying this, you can erase your intention not to see it again over the phone. This will help you avoid the awkward conversations and reactions that occur at the same time you express it directly.

4. “I’m sorry, but I have to hurry. I have another date.”

The same phrase, “another date” will make it clear that it’s not a good date and you don’t enjoy it at all. This will end the meeting without assumptions or expectations. Plus, other people will also be clear and can search for “other dates”!

5. “I hope to be your good friend.”

Zoning is a very clear way of letting others know that it won’t work. This is a situation that has nothing to lose. It can give you another friend (the person you are lining up for). Apart from that, you always have other friends to hang out with!

There are some people with whom you can explore a relationship. There is always one person with whom you will have a good setting and with whom you will always feel energized and worthy. But the foundation for that is honesty; whether it’s the end of a bad date or the beginning of a new relationship. Because the first learning we learned in our childhood was, and still does, is- “Honesty is the best policy”.

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